Hosting website

Just in case somebody is interested.
I see allot of people actually taking the gamemaking business serious.
Also, allot of people are looking for cheap or even free ways to get a website online for there game, so people can download and view progress.
I myself have the same.

Anyway the thing is.

Im currently having my website hosted at :

I pay like… 10 euros every month, and the website remains online, no problems, and the webhoster is very kind to help me out with puting things to gether and installing stuff.
And i like to have a “.nl” begind the site … it makes me feel more professional XD
Im not completely done though XD (but thats because im not 100% sure about the style.

anyway, what do you guys think? is there a better webhost? if so, please tell me, cus im new to this.

As soon as the website is up and running I can publish my game :smiley: (atleast publish what ive got so far)

The same guy also is gonna distribute t-shirts with designs on it, I can let a logo of my game put on a shirt >w<!

… so yeah if there is someone better then this guy please inform me… (like I said, im new to this, but this sounds soo awesome xD)