Host sites?

Okay, finally after a lot of time and hard work I managed to finish version 1 of my first game. (It’s just a simple Breakout style game) Then, I realized I have no where to put it on the internet…or do I. :confused: The thing is I don’t know. I have never uploaded anything before so I don’t know how to do it, but I know I have to have somewhere to put my game first. Could someone explain the process. Also If you know of any good host sites could you tell me. Thanks in advance to anyone that helps me. :slight_smile:

Unlimited bandwidth, but no direct linking grr
Real easy to upload to, just go to the files tab > upload files and it’ll help you from there (you have to register though)

Okay I figured I would just use this thread again for another related question. I’m looking for my own website. What I mean is I need space. I know about Freewebs, but what are some others. (Don’t say Myspace, or else )

You could always try

Myspace! is the best and only site I will ever use!

Geocities > All

Help :cry:

Okay I went to geocities and thought it sounded great. So I got ready to start making a website, when I realized I don’t have Java. No problem, I went and downloaded it, but when I try to open the page builder I have to do one of the annoying "If this page doesn’t load then click here deal. After I do that nothing happens. The site said something about turning on Java VM but I can’t figure out how someone please help.

Even if Geocities would work for you, it’s slow and inefficient. If you don’t mind your users getting a popup or two, try Freewebs (like you said, yes, I read that) or Lycos (I dunno if Lycos is still hosting sites, believe they are)

You don’t have to use GeoCities’s site builder if you don’t want to. To upload a file, just go to Manage → Easy Upload, and find the file you want. And if you happen to know HTML and want to host a website while you’re at it, you just have to upload all your HTML files, without having to use the site builder thing.

Although I’m not really sure if the site builder is a Java program (never tried it), so I’m just assuming that’s what you’re trying to do.

Okay I guess I should have been clearer. I am trying to make my own website, but the problem above is stopping me.