holy s**t there was a stabbing at my school

dunno thought this was worth sharing. anyways. its my first year in high school, ive been jumped, theres been 20 fights. and yesterday have school at teh bus stop there was a huge fight where some guy was like thrown into a shopping cart and had his nose busted. and today there was a stabbing in the school (someone got stabbed 6 times) and its supposed to be related to that fight…god high school feels so nice.


Did anyone spontaneously combust? Suddenly asplode? Dying a weird death is ussualy better than a normal one.

nope. just my drama teacher was crying and me and my friend started writing suicide letters to make it worse for her.good enough :stuck_out_tongue:


You coulld get expelled for doing that you know, if it involves violence schools expell it.


Sounds like a mighty fine high school you go to, there.

Unfortunately, (ha), I live in a ritzy part of the metroplex. Not that I am rich or anything, I have to pay for everything myself (by working hard), but there are two kids at my college who drive Lambo’s >_< I only have a sportbike but yeah, I am not complaining. Everybody at the high school I went to had like two fights, both of which I started ^o^

Other than that, no interesting … stabbings or such went on at my school. Now there was this “bomb threat” at my middle school …

Stupid kids …

yeah, had quite a few bomb threats at my school recently, not too many last year though. hm…a stabbing, if it gets on the news, let me know. certainly a very bad thing, most likely blow up to school violence with guns and knives, and i predict soon enough they will start saying stuff about school violence on the news, and then blame it on video games or some shit, lol. sad thing though man, real sad.

lol, kewl a stabbing. :smiley:, I would laugh at that. :stuck_out_tongue:

You would laugh at the potential death of a friend/classmate?

Goddamn people like you. You and your desensitization to death. THAT is what’s wrong with this fucking planet any more. -_-

I’d wish for someone close to you to die so you’d get to feel the pain you’re wishing on someone else, but that’s not fair to they or the others who know them.

ive started uncountable fights, punched a teacher, hit another teacker w/ a chair,
whent on a rampage, got my ds back and didnt even get expelled. headmaster took my ds so i snuck into his office and got it back. lolz.

Damn. I’ve lost respect for someone on this forum.

I dont think he was that serious…or at least, hopefully not. But your right. There’s nothing funny about someone dying. There was a women who died masturbating with a broom a while ago. She was ontop of the fridge, and fell off, and the broom…well, you know the rest. Mildly amusing, yes. But if you had known her personally, would you be laughing?? Only if your a monster.
At my old school, a boy named famous was shot and killed for wearing red. The krips thought he was a blood and shot him. Nobody was laughing. There was no reason to laugh.

@im better: Wow, im sorry. I thought i moved out of the hood. Anyway, my new school isnt really violent. Just a bunch of druggies and preps.

Who would laugh at a death of someone?

A pick-up truck rammed through the side of my highschool on purpous. Right into a classroom, my history class. Needless to say i didnt have history for about a month. No i wasnt in the room at the time of the crash. Im glad, 3 students got hurt. one student in the front row next to the window had a broken leg and 4 broken ribs. But thats kinda off topic till you hear what happened next. A few friends of the student i just mentioned found out who rammed into the school and went and beat him up. I dont know any more details, but it was on the local news. (Ohio)

Holy shit! Damn, I’ve never seen stuff like that… yet…

We had some kind of warning about something that was “going down” a few days ago, and later I found out that someone got shot at a football game…

It’s a good thing I’m not a sports person.

Holy shit. That’s motherfucking crazy. That kinda shit usually makes Americanwide news, i wonder why i didnt hear about it. But it strange. Where i used to live, fights were never that bad. It was usually about people gettting pissed off, but it was more about standing up for yourself than anything else. It’s not usually about things thaaat bad. People dont just die, and get beat up like that.

there are some really fucked up people on this forum…or at least have the most horrible and pathetic sense of humor ever, i see many ass kickings in your future.

some things that happen in this world today make me sick… but what I dont get is how some people have the nerve to say its funny.

I don’t really want to say it, but that’s what you get for living in America. That is… unless you don’t live in America…