Hmmm, i hope this is fixed in the offical demo

Alright firsts of heres a screen cap of whats wrong with the game

Secondly it shuts off right after i click ok

Anyone know why it might be doing this or how to fix it

I’ve heard of this error before, so I think it’s that sound/graphics card error. That seems like the most likely cause of it.

your computer sucks <_<, thats why it dont work I’m afraid.
maybe upgrade DirectX or your graphics card driver

No, My computer dosent suck … I can run Half Life 2 and Doom 3 At full specs So i know its not that…

DirectX and my GForce card are up graded all the way

Thanks Troid92 But i fixed it

It had to do with my Fire Wall -__-;;

The Firewall was blocking the program from using DirectX

F you Norton Anti-Virus

:confused: Firewalls can block DirectX?
Had no idea norton could do that… I’m also running norton btw, got no problems at all…

Yes, I believe Windows Firewall prohibits programs from using certain utilities unless you make them “exceptions”, but I never had to make P2D an exception when I played it…

Ive never had any problems, so im good.