Hit Counter

How long have we had that? If I had to guess, I’d say it was put there sometime in the last… two hours.

yeah, and already, 25 different IP’s have accessed this site. GMI just got one too.

Question is… Who put it there?

either zurg or invision

Probs Zurg.

Invision hasn’t been active enough to suddenly come and add a hit counter.

This morning I got bored…

lol. Nice adition. It’ll be cool to see how high it gets.

furiously makes workflow that constantly loads page

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it by unique IPs? o.O
So constantly loading the page won’t do much…

Invision is the host site, not a user. See the URL.

lawl, i saw that thing…

when it was at

and ignored it xD

Yeah, I set it up for unique hits.

Then I’ll make one that changes my IP every time.

Defeats the purpose.

I guess that can work if your ISP assigns dynamic IPs and you can figure out how to restart your router over LAN.

Edit: Or spoofs an IP or finds a random proxy…

Oh. Well then. Looks like my powers of deduction have left me with a cardboard cutout replacement.

I didn’t know Cephalopods had powers of deduction…

More importantly, meh. New. Do not blame.

Somebody has gotta be using multiple IPs. No way we’ve had 111 hits in 24 hours…

Dynamic IPs are common. And I’ve logged on from school.
And if you happen to type in Metroid Prime 2 in the google search box, Prime 2D is the fourth or fifth suggestion. Still a lot of news articles, a wiki, and a few youtube videos of the demo. And a silly silly man on blogspot (Whose name is very familiar… MetroidMan 347, aka MegaManFan1) who’s trying to make his own P2D. With game maker. And what looks like a team of two.

If our team of 300 couldn’t do it, then I doubt 2 could.