Hey i was just here to say

hey i was just here to say DON’T upgrade to game maker 7 it is really hard to register and dosn’t support Windows 9x and a billion other reasons :neutral_face:

P2D will run on GM 6.1

I just don’t like yoyo games >_>

Yeah, I read the full agreement, and not only does YoYo Games own your creations, but they also have the nerve to tell you which games you can and can’t make. :sweat:

So does yo yo own gamemaker 7? I never really got into game maker.

Anyway, I just wanted to point out that I have more posts than 072.

You missed a 1, man.

I lol’d. :laughing:


i thought you said the final will be c++…

That’s CFX’s version of p2d, not mine…

oh… so there will actually be two different versions when it’s all said and done?

DF is only making the demo, CFX is making the engine that will [probably] be used for the final version (or IS he? <_<;).