Hey everyone

First I’d like to say hi to everyone. Hi everyone!

now id like to ask a question or two.

Where exactly is the resource section on this site? I’ve been browsing all over the site looking for any goodies i can (sprites mainly) and read to look in the resources section but I can’t find it.

And I bet this has already been asked a thousand times but what’s going to happen to the Game Maker version of P2D? From what i got, you guys are finished with it and moving on to use a new program/language. I ask because I use game maker and there was a couple things I saw in the demo that I would like to do implement in my game. No I’m not trying to get the whole engine and make a clone, just some AI mainly.

Last but not least, where can I find your sprites?The ones featured in the game. I know you dont just throw them up here but do you have a thread or something somewhere that will show one sprite of a few different enemies so that you can see the style used, but no one can steal it and use in their own game? The ones in the demo were really nice and I’d like to see what else you guys have been cooking up :wink:

sprites are not for the public

Or the pubic

But we used to have samples of our sprites for people like yourself. I don’t know where they’ve gone… we used to have a site with a resources section and stuff, but now there’s just a demo link and a forums link. I dunno! That’s what I’ve been trying to say. I have no idea where the resources section is, but we used to have one. We don’t currently have a person responsible for the website (Slothy! D:), so it’s not very well managed.

get off your lazy ass and sprite some of your own :stuck_out_tongue:

of course i could say the same for myself…

Gm engine is sitting on DestroyerF’s HDD, afaik, but he’s unwilling to release it.

There IS however, an open source GM engine going on, which you are more than welcome to both learn from, and contribute to :slight_smile:

Same with the “artifacts of the month” thread, there are lots of sprites there that you can see the style of, and hopefully make your own, to help the project :slight_smile:

You can see any sprites you contribute to this project.

You can also use any AI in the engine that you contribute to this project.

It’s not necessary to assume that he wants to steal the sprites, guys <_<

It’s not unreasonable to want to see what our sprites look like, especially since we used to do that.

You can see what they look like in the demo… >_>

true, but there werent many different enemies and i like the enemies on other planets so id like to see how they turned out.

and im not a pro or anything with GM so im not going to take it upon my shoulders to make this game great. according to the official test im only intermidiate. but ive been learning alot more since i started on this new game of mine so maybe someday I’ll be able to help you guys out.

as far as spriting, im useless. im still practicing by my quality is nothing compared to that in the demo so i can’t contribute there either :confused:

im off to go look for that open source GM engine that you mentioned PY! thanks guys for the info about it all

I meant http://z3.invisionfree.com/MP2D/index.php?..view=getnewpost, right here :stuck_out_tongue:

oh ya the open source version… i forgot about that :]

Huh… There’s an “official test” that tells you how good you are at working with GML? xD I’d like to see it.

If it’s one of the GM tests I’ve tried out before, the results are always meaningless. The questions ask how many arguments a certain function has, at what version of GM a certain change was made, which function requires you to register, what Game Maker used to be called, etc. What does any of that have to do with programming well in GML?