Hey! Can I join your team?

Uhh Hello.
Can I join your team? I noticed you all use GM6…

(sorry, i don’t mean to take advantage of your forum) can i too? i can make sprites from scratch

Well, the programming requires a LOT of skill, so unless you are amazing with the program you probably can’t help.

And Rooster–there are very few sprites left that aren’t already in progress, but if you can find one, go ahead and do it. www.samusforum.co.uk has a list of sprites available.

I would like to help with the programming aspect of the game. I have some experience, but as have worked on almost all my games solo, I never get close to completing them. I have experience with GM6.
I know, I can’t come anywhere near CFX, but I can try

ok, thanx Daz.

why can’t we do the ones in yellow? what if someone else could do a better job? can i at least try some of the yellow ones and show you? thanx

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Okay, first off, you got banned because you were being an absolute fucktard about our sprites, and second off, why are you unbanned again?..

Well, I don’t know if I am that good, can you give an example of what I would have to be able to do?

ok, fine. i won’t do the yellow ones.

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Tim’s redoing the list though. Soon we’ll have more available.

I`m not even going to guess how you got that…

ok thanx.

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Okay. Let me put this in a language you might understand.

1–u dont need 2 sign up 4 teh team, just do work + get approvd
2–u need 2 hav sum smartness regarding how teh game is spos’t 2 b!!!1111one
3–u hav no clu how teh sprits r spos’t 2 look sinc u complan about prfect 1’s, so if u try, u’d suk.
4–ur spos’t 2 b bann’d anywy

Translation for anyone that doesn’t speak n00b: No. :smiley:

1–You have no artistic sense whatsoever. All of your suggestions were counterproductive. Making Ridley silver? He’s fucking BLACK! Then there was that whole thing with the phazon elite.

2–I have permission to do so at any time you cross the line again. My mistake, you were only suspended before.

3–No, I’m being realistic.

4–See #1.

5–You’re right. I would never believe you made accurate sprites.

6–I don’t hate you. I hate people that spell like mentally deficient gerbils, that have ignorant opinions, and that troll. You fit the bill, old sport.

The intelligence displayed in that post astounds me.

Very well. If you’re such a “vary” good spriter, show me your skills.

I challenge you to create a sprite of a Plated Beetle. Just one pose.

Yeah, let’s see what he can come up with. And try not to copy a sprite. (I’m not being mean!)

Jeez, you guys can stope flaming each other now, though Daz is probably right. I would join the team, but I’m absolutely useless. :sobs:

dang… u 2 really hate eachother, don’t u? :O_O: