Helpful MS Paint Tricks

Using external palettes.

If you need a color added to your palette, here’s what you do. Use the eye-dropper tool to grab the color. Go to the Colors menu and select Edit Colors, then click Define Custom Colors. Click Add To Custom Colors many times, so that the color fills the entire palette. Since it restarts at the beginning each time you open the dialogue, you do this so as to not replace your color with the next one you add. Then click Cancel. Double-click on the color in your palette box where you want it to go, then select it from the custom palette you placed it in earlier, and hit OK.

Fast recoloring.

There are many methods to recoloring, but here’s perhaps the fastest one of all. First, add the color you want to replace to your palette box. Then right-click on the color in your palette box that you wish to change the other color into. Go to Edit > Select All (or hold Control and press A), then Edit > Cut (or hold Control and press X). Now, right-click on the color that you want to replace. Finally, go to Edit > Paste (or hold Control and press V). Now every instance of that color in your entire sprite or spritesheet has been replaced with the one you chose.

Post your own, and try to keep the same general format. Any trick that people generally wouldn’t think of without a lot of experience should go here. I can make this post into a Table of Contents if the mods agree to allow double-posting, etc.

Turning the grid on is more than important! It is necessary! Turning the grid on and zooming in will allow you to edit individual pixels!

To tun the grid on,press Ctrl+G(Or View->Zoom->Show Grid)
NOTE:You have to be on Zoom level 6 or higher

Also The thumbnail also helps,you can turn it on by:
View->Zoom->Show Thumbnail
NOTE:You have to be on Zoom level 2 or higher

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

Excellent job. I never thought to turn on the grid, and I didn’t notice there was a thumbnail option.

To quickly replace a color in just a section:
Use the eye dropper or select from the pallette with right click for the color you want to replace with.

Use the eye dropper or select from the pallette with left click for the color you want replaced.

Use the eraser using the right mouse button and you’ll see the color replaced.

the grid isnt really neccessary. I’ve never used it before, ever. And I do recolors and draw those swords that are in my thread without the use of the grid. That thumbnail option is very good to. I never noticed it before.

Everyone knows you can choose two colors to work with at a time (right click and left click), but you can also hold control down and select a third color. I just found this out a couple days ago, and It’s kinda helpful.


God damnit! I’d ALWAYS known that the background for those two colors served some purpose!

Isn’t it great what you can learn when people actually try to help each other? :stuck_out_tongue: I once knew about that, but I entirely forgot it. I figured it out because sometimes, when I loaded a GIF, it would put a color in there for me (in 98’s Paint). And it seemed like I could never change the color that was in the box when messing with those GIF’s.

So… what exactly is the purpose for the third color?

For transparent colors.

I generally saw it as used for quick-switching, or for saving colours for a later use. Alls it does is speed up the creation process.

It’s just a third color, from what I can tell…

The red is the control color.
It’s not transparent =3

ms paint doesnt do transparent colours


My MS Paint works fine with transparent colors.

Which it does do.

Particularly when pasting.

But pre-Windows XP versions of MS Paint can also save a transparent color when saving GIF’s.

Wow all these tricks… and i can’t seem to make a transparent color either!

The transparent colour only works for pasting, and it’s whatever colour is set in the rick-click box. It doesn’t last after saving because MSPaint isn’t capable of handling formats that are able to display transparent colours.

Except Windows 98 Paint and Windows 95 Paint, as far as I know. It supports transparent GIF’s.

How in the heck did it get a downgrade in the upgrade?

Well, they also SAY Windows ME was an upgrade…

Maybe Microsoft wanted to make it smaller, and felt that it was an un-needed feature. Much like they figured… y’know… useability was an un-needed feature for windows ME.

You COULD always download/transfer the windows 98 version of paint.