:cry: I really need help. I tried to create my own, but I can’t…cries :cry:

yeah, i tride making a game adn it didnt work. It SUCKED. keep trying thats what i always say.

This should be moved to the Fangames section.

And yes it is verry dificult.

I’m not sure if you have a program to make a fangame in the first place.
If you dont have a program for it than click HERE and download Gamemaker.

I never got the hang of GM, but thats just me… :smiley:

GM is easy. It isnt very hard at all. Im even starting programming in GM.
If you need any help ask me.

like i said if keep trying and DONT give up. Just wing it.

I’m trying to do Ridley from Super Metroid, but I need help. Can someone help?