I also have a personal life appart from p2d but there is this girl I’ve had my eye on and I was wondering how should I ask her out?

well, first of all, get her somewhere kinda private, you know away from a crowd. then be casual with her for a bit, ask her hows she doing, etc. then ask her out. Just don’t look intimidated. That’s the most important thing. Girls like confident guys.

Wait, do you even know this girl, or is she just another kid who has no clue who you are?

P.S. I’m no expert on this subject, I’m a veeeeeery lonely person.

Shes one of my close friends.

Close friends?! Ok, time out, foul ball, out of bounds, no good! You’re going into uncharted territory now. One word of caution, you better not f*ck it up. Trying to go from friend to boyfriend is a very big and dangerous jump pal. You mess up, and it’s only trouble. Not trying to scare ya, just warning ya to be careful.

No its ok she was my girl friend preveously but she went for another guy cuz he was loenly I said ok then that guy went crazy stated to bring guz to school and wond up in therepy and now goes to another school.

oh…well then you got nothing to worry about. Forget what I said, lol

I wholeheartedly disagree. It tends to work out better if the two have previous acquaintence than if they’re newly met…

I will let you guys know if it goes well.

…she said no but she said ask me next week because she wasent ready.

that’s what id have problems with. what if she says no?

You just can’t live your life without taking risks. If you’re writing a novel, you don’t, in the middle of your possibly-genious-creativity-streak, want to suddenly think “What if the readers don’t like this sentence?!” or “What if this doesn’t sell well?!” and end up abandoning a perfectly good novel just because you lost your morale. The best novelwriters of the century all took a risk, and look where they ended up.

'Tis one of the lessons of life. :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah, but when you’ve asked 2 girls already, and they said no(ok, fine, one didn’t answer at all), you feel like if the next person you ask says no, you’re gonna die

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hey once i girl came ask me if i like to be her boyfriend! can you belive that?! and the guys of my class messed all up answering in my place hooooh im so anger!!

Sure, I believe you.

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