I was wondering how do you make a room in the gamemaker? :confused:

If you can’t even figure that out, you have no business trying to make games at all. It’s self explanatory. You right click ‘rooms’ and select ‘add’. <_<;

but how do you color a box? :confused:

Help → Contents → Using Game Maker → Creating rooms

I have no idea what you mean by coloring a box. Background you mean? Check the help file.

You start by making sense about what you’re asking.

why dont you try doing the following before asking questions you can answer yourself:
-read the GM manual
-try the tutorials on the GMC website
-go to the GMC forums for more help

seriously, did you like just download GM or something? even if you did, you
should read the manual first, it tells you everything you need to know to make a game. Once youve read the manual, then ask questions at the Game Maker Community forums, not here.

ehh… if u mean adding colors to the background, u have to make a sprite of the color first…

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If you are asking about why a colored tile is suddenly white:
GameMaker automatically masks the background color (which can make it do stupid stuff sometimes)
But, screw GameMaker for noobs, BUY A PROGRAMMING BOOK GODDAMNIT!

Yeah, that is weird. BTW, how do you choose which color is transparent?

the bottom left hand pixle is the transperancy color. always. unless u go and make a script saying otherwise.


that is how surprised i was when heard i could use a diff transparencey color.
one question though…

…your “novice gamemaker user” is bullshit…

please dont be an ass…

Notice the post RIGHT ABOVE yours? :wink:

And SmartDude, I just took that quiz, and it’s really dumb. It quizzes you on your ability to read through a pile of pointless code to see what’s wrong. The keyword is pointless–I’ll give an example. For one question that asks how you would find the distance between two points, the correct answer not only does the whole distance formula out itself instead of using point_direction(), it also does it really poorly and crazily (using like max() and min() functions to replace an abs() and such). The scores for a quiz of such poor quality mean absolutely nothing. The novice score is second-lowest, though.

…as i just said…

i mean…why would they post “novice game maker user” …

…and…its not the real test…

sorry…off topic.

what is this “special script” anyway?

What do you mean what is this “special script”? Nobody mentions such a thing here. And also, please don’t spam emoticons like that. It lags the page with the animated ones, and is just really annoying to everyone anyway.


Okay, now that was just unnecessary. Mild bold text would’ve been enough. fixes
That’s your second strike with me–first the emoticon spam, now this. One more and I punish.

There still isn’t a “special script” though–He says a script, not the script. What comes off the top of my head right now is maybe using a script that displays a sprite pixel by pixel on the screen, eliminating a certain color, or maybe a DLL. I’ve never actually heard of anybody doing such a thing as using the bottom-left pixel of the image is simple and easy enough. Maybe he’s referring to turning off transparencies for that sprite, though that’s not really a script.

He probably thought there might be a script that does it,but he didn’t think there was.