I’m making a platforming game and I’m doing pretty good with the programming but I need to figure out how to move from room to room. I know about room_goto_next but what about rooms with multiple doorways. I really hate resorting to asking, but I’ve been trying to figure it out for days. Thanks.

dont do room, goto next, on drag and drop you notice it has the ability to go to a room (you set the room), the same can be done in code.

(change room to ____), make sprite appear at position blank (wherever you appear in next room)

Okay, but what about the multiple doors leading to different rooms. I don’t want to create a different object for every different room.

then that sucks for you, it is quite easy

if you are useing game maker i can help

i’ll make an example for you.

is like supermetroid transition of rooms?

no transition just warping

Well I figured it out basically, although it took me awhile. If I need anymore help I’ll unlock the thread. Thanks :smiley: .
Edit* Okay I can’t lock it can I.