help me undestand the history of echoes

the main enemy of this game is who?

the ing or the pirates?

as i read on the blocket it says that the pirate screwed up thenselves,and in the game…it apears that they will star serve the ing?

The Ing are the main enemies. The Space Pirates just happen to get caught in the crossfire, as do the federation troopers. The pirates ultimately get possesed by Ing.

hoooh… that was a good spot to put the pirates, and they even instaled a little base with metroid creations on the planet

guys,dont flame me for post in a old topic i just founded useless make a new one if i’m going to ask about the history of echoes again, well, my question is simple: how apeared dark samus ?

i didnt finnished the game yet so if the answer of the question cames with the ending of the game i am sorry, but if not,i am very curious about it, i first tough: samus arrived on aether,so in the same moment dark samus arrived in dark aether, in her darkgunship, right?


Dark Samus is Metroid Prime. Dark Samus was born through Metroid Prime absorbing the Phazon Suit and using it as he skin. Dark Samus came to aether because of the abundance of phazon. and Dark Samus came to aether by teleporting herself. (Yes, Dark Samus a.k.a Metroid Prime is capable of teleporting. Tt says so in the Pirate Logs)

No. Dark Samus is Metroid Prime, reincarnated in Samus’s Phazon Suit. She didn’t come from the dark dimension.

slight spoiler
in the final battle with dark samus, her face looks like MP’s final form in the first game…

I checked it out, and you are right, sivart0. The face does look kinda like the last form of metroid prime. I didn’t notice at first. Thanks for pointing out that little fun fact!

which just proves how much free time i have XD

It’s not that hard to notice… >_> But this brings up something. Why does Dark Samus get the face of Metroid Prime? Is it because once Dark Samus has enough phazon in her will she become Metroid Prime once more? Which brings another thing up. Will Metroid Prime appear in Metroid Prime 3 or will Dark Samus instead?

I say, 2 dark samus fights like MP2 and then the final epic (>_>) battle against Metroid Prime

I think she became powerful enough to once again regain tangible form in the Phazon Suit.

I think it should be like this, in the deeps of the planet lies Dark Samus, and when you killed her the phazon suit explodes and there it is, the final boss, Metroid Prime!!


No and no. :smiley: