Help me plz!! :(

If anyone that knows what to do can help me out, heres what happened me (messaged to df):

I’ll respond here, so other people can give feedback too.

Try starting your pc in safe mode, hold del or f8 when your pc boots. You should now boot in safe mode.
Delete the program you downloaded, clear the cache of all your browsres, and do a virusscan. That should help you out.

Safe mode also allows you to backup all your important stuff on a usb hard drive or something.

If the pc doesn’t boot in safe mode, you can try to boot it from the cd, using knopix, a linux OS, so you can still backup your stuff. After that, you can format your pc and reinstall windows.

Good luck :wink:

thanks alot man!!! :smiley: let’s see what I can do, I’ll post progress here. Again thanks alot, I really appreciate it !!! ^.^“”"

EDIT: ok, tried holding f-8 and/or del and it said some data about the pc, below said something in the lines off… “keyboard error… etc” then again “failed to load operative sytem”.

What’s knopix? btw I’m really not interesed at all in backing up anything, don’t have anything important to save, almost every important drawings have been uploaded in the internet, wouldn’t care to start formating now, finds out how to

Do a Windows Repair. All you need in the windows installation CD, just don’t choose any formatting options. It will replace all the system files but it won’t touch anything else, meaning you don’t lose any data (or viruses >_>) But I think that if you replace the system files the virus corrupted you should be able to get at it before it does damage again. Oh, and you just use your windows key on the sticker on your pc case to validate (though you may have to call Windows to get it cause the internet based one gives trouble every once in a while).

Oh great I remember this …, ok so your cp want load everything lets see, dang I’m not a computer expert but have all your important thing like DF said, upload to a usb or cd it just depends on how much data you want to keep. Also what was the site that you visited that made this problem so we will know not to go there if not then I don’t know.

And if you want to get ride of the cp virus then system restore and system backup in safemode, that is the only thing I know about how to restart cp.

Damn… sounds like your pc is seriously messed up if you can’t even boot in safe mode.

Ye got no other option then formatting and reinstalling windows. Sure you don’t want to backup your stuff?
if you’re ok with it, put the windows cd in the cd drive and boot windows from the cd. You should be in some menu where you can reinstall windows, just follow the steps on the screen.

1- format your hard disks (ntfs)
2- create partitions
3- install windows (make sure you have a serial)
4- wait a few hours, press ok once in a while
5- enjoy your fresh install of windows
6- install firewall and antivirus BEFORE connecting to the internet

I thought I should point out that a typical XP installation takes approx. 1:30 INCLUDING format time. (unless you use NTFS Quick then it’s 30 minutes flat)

My laptop got a virus, and it’s really starting to tick me off. It’s bringing up advertisements everytime I go on the internet, and the laptop alsp has adware on it… I’m going to do what you just said, Im clearing it of the filth. thanks for the instructions.

My friend had that…he installed vista and it went away in a hurry…but formating hard drives is good as well. Did I mention that hard drives can get horrendously fucked if you format them…thought you ought to know.

It’s the best way to clear an infected comp. Just format it every now and then, while backing up your stuff.

And Syntax Man: I’ve formatted my drive around 10 times, and it’s still just as good as ever.