My brother deleted my ENTIRE account on our computer, and I’ve lost everything.

All my music,
All my trailers
All my sprites

I need you guys to see which of my sprite sheets you can recover for me. I’ve yet to go through my sprite topic, but If you can look anywhere else, I’d be deeply in your debt. Many of my WIP sheets you’ll never see because of this. I’m going to have to start over, but If you could help me find some of it, please post it here.

Thank you.

Ouch… I lost my old spriting/game making HD, so I feel for ya, man. I’ll see what I can dig up at SCU later…

Well, I think I have it under control. It’s really not that bad when I think about it. Most of my sprites have been posted here, so it’s just a little bit of digging. The thing that bothers me the most is that I lost losts of WIP sheets, many of which had progress I hadnt posted yet. Not to mention tons of music and trailers I’ll have to redownload.
But hey, I needed to clean up my desktop anyway. Better to look at it positively…as hard as that is.

I was REALLY flustered when I posted this, but I think it’ll be fine now.

You could have used GetDataBack for NTFS. That would have recovered all your files.
But since the computer is in use, the data could be overwrited already.

Try it out and see what you can still recover.

I have no idea if the trial version can recover files, but I have the full version, and you can “borrow” it from me if you want to.

Just send me a mail.

Na. Dont bother. Like I said, it doesnt feel as bad as it is, and most of the game trailers I can get back (not to mention many of the games have already come and gone), as well as the music. There were only a couple sprite sheets I completely lost, some of which I didnt intend to finish anyway. Other than that, I dont think I lost anything essential (homework projects etc…).

Sorry that happened to you… i remember when we completely reseted our computer and i lost everything…so i know how it feels. and also when my animal crossing reseted
twice… :frowning:

I bought the full version of a recovery program once, but it recovered only what I still had backups of. :frowning:

I have recovered all data from a harddrive that could’nt even be re-formatted. It took about six hours to recover and copy 120Gb data. 90-95% of the files worked as they should.

Did you kill your brother after the incident? My sister once lost my GC Memory Card and I was REALLY close to killing her. Another time I lost all my Flash animations after my dad reformatted the computer. But you’re right, I got over it. Why didn’t your brother tell you he was deleting your account?

your bro sounds like the administrator at my school.

welcome to the club. i lost my photoshops works almost 8 times, it’s very frustrating after the 5? time… the thing is to put everthing in imageshack, then, if you lost your images, you can upload everthing from there, is what i do…

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWCH!!! I maybe abel to help you w/ the musics but it’s kinda elegal sooooooooooooooooooooo; sry but i don’t want to be banned, uh on another note it may be possible to find the sprites here, if you want i could e-mail you a link for the music problem

I wasnt at the computer at the time he deleted it. Anyhow, it doesnt feel that bad anymore, minus quick music. I felt like strangling him, but he promised to get me a Wii game for christmas (which he probably wont), so I’ll wait.

I don’t suppose system restore would help? :confused:

Your problem isn’t that much of a problem. It’s easier to recover permanently deleted files than most people care to believe. Even overwritten files can be easily recovered by any moderately funded individual. Just DL one of those programs. The only way I know of to permanently delete a file is to use PHLAK’s WIPE function, and even then, it fries the HDD. Kinda like a CD, you can delete, but those sectors are gone.

EDIT: Just follow those automatic links at the bottom of the page! LOL, I never thought they were good for anything!

Nah, my friend has a program that completely erases a hard drive… I think he said it was called d-ban or something? He explained how it worked, but considering I was playing counterstrike at the time, I wasn’t listening too intently…

Kinda sucks when you lose all of your hard work, though… My sister recieved my old computer when she figured it was too old for me to care anymore, and I was at my dads at the time… when I came back, the only good metroid engine I ever made (plus a couple of games and about five hours of sprite riping <.<) was gone. And it was right after I promised to send the engine to my friend…

Not to mention the computer has a fried modem, and refuses to work with any storage device of any kind… I couldn’t recover the files >.< I also had no CD burner…

By the way, the links at the bottom are randomized to some degree… we’re not all gonna have the same ads.

But just how is it possible to recover files that have already been deleted? Are they temporarily stored in RAM/ROM? Anyhow, I’ll just back up files from now on on CD-R.

Well that’s odd. I don’t have any ads at all, and haven’t seen them for quite some time. >_>

Maybe admins just don’t get them…

Red: Most computers frequently saves backup states which can be restored at a later date if something goes wrong. Even if you don’t keep system logs, you can sometimes restore stuff via a similar principle to the Recycle Bin. I personally don’t know how it works though…

a similar thing happened to me with all my games, mainly starcraft & warcraft 3. well, i cant remember what it was, but i had to uninstall them both, and, when i went looking for the cd cases, i had found out that my dad had most likely thrown them away (in one of his famous “throw everything on the computer table into the garbage” runs). I know how you feel. sorry it happened.

Red, RED!1111111!!!



Dazzy’s right. BUT!

Haha. Butt.

BUT!!! But there’s also something called… well, I don’t remember what it’s called. System restore or something. Restore points?

It’s kinda like save points, but with a computer. I’ll figure out how they work tonight (if you’re lucky) and post. If I don’t, just google that. I mean, I know what they do, and who cares how they work, but I dunno how to activate them.

Basically, they make your computer go back to exactly the way it was… at some point earlier. It might be too late (it’s been forever) but still. It’s worth a try. Cause like, it can’t hurt. I’ve used them before, and I have a friend (see “Suicide”) who ays he loves them, and uses them. So, maybe I’ll ask him.