Help!!! LAG!!!

the game keeps on lagging. need help. hate the small screen. what are the specs :cry: :cry: :cry:

Get a new computer because a computer that gets low FPS on a GM game must suck horribly good day to you sir.

Or not. A Game Maker game doing nothing uses up quite a lot of CPU, and too many objects loaded slows it down horribly. Also, I experienced some major slowdown in one of the latest P2D releases, but I think DF fixed it afterwards.

Ya well my comp by modern standards sux and i can run it perfectly sooooo my point still stands

My computer, by the standards of 2 years ago, is crap, and P2D runs fine.

I’ts runs fine but it only lags when on full screen and i hate the tiny screen

For future reference, the word you’re looking for isn’t “lag”.
Try something like “slowdown” or “low framerate”.

Also, from my experience, I’ve found that Game Maker game speed is horribly random and varies from computer to computer, not really related to computer specs or anything. The unpredictable slowdown seems to be related to how many objects there are in the room. Some computers can handle tons, others can’t handle more than 20. My Windows ME can handle TONS of GM5 objects, while my XP is one of those that struggles with only a dozen, leaving me unable to play almost all GM5 games. I’ve also seen a case where lots of looping and calculations in one object uses tons of CPU on most computers but next to none compared to other parts of the program on one computer.

so you’re saying GM sux becaust that is music to my ears

No, not really… >_>

I was just saying that there are some weird and unpredictable differences in a GM game’s speed from computer to computer.