Help council

Hello. Today I have removed the the first amateur roller. It left very ridiculous. I wish to share with you my creation. Look, please and tell over what still it is necessary to work. If there are on professional cameramen to you I will be very grateful for a practical advice.


sigh… ActiveX spells virus.

Yea it is a virus, I got this by just clicking that link:

It’s in dutch, it says that moviesnew tried to intrude my pc.
So, Timmeh, if you didn’t get any warning of some sort, you propably got infected, even if you didn’t install the activex component.

Lame :frowning:
I’ll scan.

Will this never end?

This one has 3 IP values in common with the last one at least, but following the current pattern, the next bot is just going to come in with a completely different IP. :\