Nice. i tryed the demo with 1 room. Why dident you use an icon?

Wow! i’ve been trying to just makeing samus (supernintendo sprites) move like that without collision glitches. i began to think it was imposuble to made metroid games with gm. you guys made those p2d samus anim sprites? cool. Looks hard. :smiley:

I have an idea for u guys.
Since its being made with GM (I could easly see by the gm-icon and F1 for help.) you should make it so you can pause and save anywere in the game. (By pausing. F5-F6 save-load dont always work right.) Or would that not fit the metroid style at all? or did you just make the demo with gm?

I got >some< sound effects of the origenal super metroid for S-nes i found in a zip. or you need mp sounds? (and all the s-nes super metroid music. (-ALL music metroid in mp3 format in a zip folder…-)SM-)-

Pretty nice job. since i’ve spent 2 weaks just trying to get samus to roll into a ball without geting stuck in a tile. (Yes it is very said how stupied some ppl can get.)

(Alos i got >ALL< origenl SM sprites. (exept samuses gravity suit sprite anims only.)And i remade samuses ship into gravity suit coloring.)

anywere i can get your demo of this in edituble mode for gm6.1-registered? (Just to be able to get samus to go into morph ball without it glitching. and i’ll use my own sprites ofcourse. (and give credits.)

if theres anyway i can help. i’ll try.

Ummm…you can pause anywhere in the game in every metroid game, GM made or not. As for saving anywhere, that would defeat the entire purpose of the saverooms now, wouldn’t it? :wink:

I’m pretty sure that all of the game’s sounds are gonna be ripped from MP, as I once recall seeing a post by Daz saying that they it would be impossible to reproduce some of the sounds anyway like the pirate “growls”.

The music is all being made by the team’s MIDI creators.

Ya your right. :smiley:

Only if my computer mic. could reach a little further for my TV. then i could record all of metroids sounds. and i got a good mic. to so it dosent even sound staticy, a perfectly clear sound. i can try to get space pirate sounds. i know of 3 sounds they make. wene they notice you. wene the jump/fall, wene they get Hurt. and wene they get killed. i can try to get the sounds. By tomarow. but they might not be perfectly clear.

Please forgive me for me bad spelling. :smiley:

Ohhh :metroid: Nice. looks graphicy! lol. :smiley:

I have a queastion. how do you get metroid prime sprites? take a screenshot of each frame and past/copy it? its not like ther images. there models right?

EDIT:I found all the metroid prime music files. http://mdb.classicgaming.gamespy.com/mp/music.htm i got all the Super Metroid music files from there. and well it apears they have all metroid game stuff there. :smiley: lol. just remembered that site.

EDIT:are you guys gonna use kraid in it? origenaly they were gonna put it in mp. but the guy responsuble for makeing the model left or something like that. :confused: use google images and type in kraid in 3d and it’l show the strange 3d-model version of kraid. (they messed up on the head bigtime.)

We already have perfect-quality Metroid Prime sounds. Plus, I think someone used a program to add better effects to them or something.

For sprites, we’re making them ourselves. All the sprites. From scratch. We’re not going to be using model-sprites.

All our music is being turned into MIDIs, and I’m sure all of us MIDI-makers have the original soundtrack already. That site doesn’t have all the Prime ones anyways. Only the ones not on the OST.

And for Kraid, I’m pretty sure we’re not going to be including him. And that 3-D Kraid model is really old. In fact, someone already even posted it on these forums. And btw, they didn’t mess up on the head at all; they just put metal around it. Maybe he was going to be Meta Kraid?

ok. sry.