you guys! hear this… i was supose to go to a job interview… A JOB INTERVIEW!! this morning, and is a kickass job; teach informatic for old people! man, is sooo f#$%ing easy and pays reeeeal good, but… i oversleeped and losed the goddam interview!!! now… im gonna go there tomorow… but what the heck im gonna say to then when they ask me why i delayed?! aaahhrgt!! this is horrible… i may have losed the job for some other guy… damm…

hmm not a good day to wake up late. i would make up an excuse, even if its lying. if its a good job, tell them you had a family emergency or something. hell, tell them your great grandpa went into the hospital.

thanks for the help man, but is too late, i didnt go XD i just couldnt its was too embarassing