Hearing sensitivity test

It’s a good tool to annoy young people or make other people feel old.
Sound File
Put it on your cell and see what kind of reactions you can get out of people. It can be funny. Since most people over 30 can’t here this sound, it’s fun to try to convince them you’re actually playing something.

i dont want to download it, but is it like the mosquito ringtone?

No, it’s a high pitched hum that sounds kinda like when a CRT TV or monitor is turned on.

thats basically what the mosquito ringtone is…

Ouch. twitch :angry:

That’s how I can always tell when a TV is on within 30 yards–it has that high recognizable squeak.

Yeah, same here. I’m the only one in my household that can hear it, so when our TV is just displaying a black screen, I’ll shout out that the TV is on.

God that sound makes me want to die…
Every time there’s a TV on, I just want to kick it through.

Hahaha it’s funny bothering ppl with the sound thing… :sweat:
I shall now bow to the potencial of the hearing power. :smiling_imp:
doesn’t bow and get’s shot +_+

My friend has this as a ring-tone and he puts it up to someone’s ear and turns it on. Some people freak out, other slowly perceive the sound, and others twitch involuntarily.

It’s true. I’m not sure why, but the age limit is anywhere from twenty eight to thirty five can’t hear it.

What’s really fun to do is put it in loop on your MP3 Player and stick it somewhere where no one can see it with the volume way up.
After a few minutes any younger siblings tend to insane with the sound… “MOOOM! MAKE IT STOP IT HURTS!” Meanwhile you parents have no idea what is going on, and as long as you keep a straight face and pretend not to hear anything then your parents will think they’re losing their sanity.
My friend and I got bored one day and his little brother was being annoying, so we did this, it worked pretty smoothly, until he spotted my ipod half hidden on the ceiling fan.

Just a little tip for the people with younger siblings on the forum. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes that works. I’m it my cousin’s for about 4 weeks now and some of them just can’t shut up. I play sound…silence.

my brother put that on his phone and at school his phone rang and everyone heard it exept the teacher!

Heh, I hate that damn racket, I’m the ONLY one in my family that can here it and my mom says I’m hearing things!

Lol, I hate the noise. It’s so penetrating. You REALLY want to shut it off when you hear it.

ouch… my ears are starting to hurt… my bro heard it to… my mom didnt