has anyone noticed?

in the original metroid game you never see a single metroid?..i just beat zm again to make sure. so ya why is the first metroid game named after something thats not even ther?

Yes you do, you know in tourian?

Yeah, directly before you fight the motherbrain. It couldnt be metroid without metroids.

There are tons of them in Tourian, in both Metroid 1 and ZM. THAT’s why the game is named after them, because they’re the second-most threat (the first-most being MB) and “Mother Brain” is a stupid thing to call a game.

I wish you ran into them earlier, or at least fought them again in ZM after you kill the brain.

you know what ive never got?

in zm its really easy to get off them by laying bombs, but in the original, how do you get the metroids off you?

… you lay more bombs >_> I think its 2 or 3, but they’re much, MUCH harder in the original. After all, they saved the hardest for last, right?

Funneh aiming up and shooting the ice beam works fine for meh…

>_> I thought you get caught underneath it and you can’t move until it dies or is revived?

i realized you can shoot other metroids while IN a metroid. on hard, when theres like 10 metroids around you and ones on you, you can easilly freeze and kill several before bombing your way out of the one on your head. >_>