Hardest game ever...

What is the hardest game you ever played?

I say Metroid Prime in hard mode. Wind Waker was pretty challanging when beating gannon.

No joke, Xenosaga I and Star Ocean 3 tie. Xenosaga I for that damn Song of Nephilham. And SO3 because of the damn lack of airship and tough enemies. (Oddly enough Lucifer was easy O.o)

Metroid Prime? It had some hard parts, but not really as bad as most other games…

But… WIND WAKER? That’s one of the easiest games ever made, no questions asked! O_O

Have you NEVER played anything pre-Gamecube era? 90% of all NES titles make Metroid Prime look like Barney’s Happy Adventure…

In what respect.

… Just say what the hardest game was for you…

I agree. There’s actually still some NES games I’ve yet to complete. Hell even the original Metroid gives me more problems still than Prime ever will.

I take back my statement: Panorama Cotton is the hardest game I’ve ever played in my life. I STILL can’t beat level two of that without my continues running dry. Rare game for the Mega Drive(Sega Genesis), but DEFINATELY worth playing.

(That’s the game if you’re interested).

The only trouble I had in Windwaker was Puppet Ganon’s snake form. It took me forever to beat DS4 in Metroid Prime 2 hard mode though. Then again, I died on Alpha Splinter twice on normal difficulty. :blush:

TWW is really easy. I wish it were harder.
The hardest game I ever played was…Battletoads for the NES. Goddamn game is completely unbeatable.

What the heck is “Battletoads” like?

think “side scrolling beat 'em up with toads that beat up pigs”

You don’t understand the true beauty that was the NES. Battletoads is a beatemup game like Final Fight, that starred three Toads: Rash, Zit, and Pimple. You go around beating up pigs and rats to get to the Dark Queen. It’s truly one of the best NES games out there.

NES metroid

Best…? What? Hardest game ever. It…I hate it.

Why? Explain. I edited out your picture just 'cause I didn’t like it.

You havn’t seen anything. Arcanum is the hardest game ever. Its funny too. Theres a manual, sure, theres hints online, sure, then you play it. I garuntee you that you would die within the first five minutes. Theres absolutely no tutorial, you get lost and attacked left and right, you have dozens of skills that all need to be raised fast, you are vastly underpowered compared to computer players, and although you can get money from being a thief, every other job is essentially useless… It goes on and on, trust me. About the only way you can survive is to kill everything you can which brings up your stats (once I slaughtered every person, like 120 people, in the biggest city in the game, then fought a boss and died at one of the highest levels, 47 out of 50) All in all, I erased it off my computer because I could not live. Make no mistake, its an exciting and creepy game, but the gameplay is way too whacked to do anything with.

The hardest game I played is SO3 ps2 because I could hardly gain any levels monsters kick my ass and the hardest enemies gave me hardly any exp so I gave up on that game.

That’s sadly one of the easier NES titles… any game that can be beaten in under two hours by someone who sucks as much as I do can hardly be the hardest ever. :stuck_out_tongue:

How about you try Contra, mate? Then you’ll see what a hard game is. You get three lives, and only one health for each life. You can not get more. The enemies shoot fast, and there’s a lot of them. There’s a code to get 54 lives, and even with that it’s barely beatable.

Contra wasn’t hard. I beat that in under an hour. It was the first NES game I actually beat.

So basically the title of “hardest game ever” goes to practically any game for the NES.

Megaman 1 just because of that darned pit demon! :imp: That was hard considering that except brutal level design it was easy. Especially the bosses!