isnt it all mint? ive known of it for ages, and ive seen most of the episodes. whoever hasnt seen anything go to www.happytreefriends.com and wach the episodes. honestly, it really is that good.

sounds really gehy

That’s because it is really gay…

For the good of this board’s sanity, that link must be removed. That series is downright… wrong… Suffice it to say that Happy Tree Friends was made by some one who was extremely high at the time.

Oh yeah, younger members shouldn’t look at it. At least put a disclaimer up there :confused:

Happy Tree Friends: Wat happens when gay guys get high and make a cartoon.

Why does everything weird have to be associated with gay people nowadays? There’s nothing gay about Happy Tree Friends. It’s just a bunch of animals killing each other with tons of blood and gore and then once everyone’s dead they show a nice little community message at the end. If that’s the same Happy Tree Friends I saw a few times on G4TV’s Attack of the Show (which has gone even more downhill since then).

I do agree that Happy Tree Friends is really wrong, though.

its good! how can anyone not like it? its always funny as hell, and the charachters are not gay.

Okay. It is somewhat funny, but you have to have twisted and perverted humor to appreciate it.
On the whole gay thing, Mant people tend to use the word in replace of stupid, dumb, or other derogatory words.

im surprised everyone doesnt love it. It’s awesome. But I will say it took a long time to grow on me. My first thoughts where not so positive.

Gore is the opposite of gay.

I enjoy gore very much but I think Happy Tree Friends is just sick, perverted, and wrong.

Easily. It has no substance. It relies on shock value of kiddy images juxtaposed with violence to get fans in the form of immature preteens who think anything with gore is the best thing ever.

Happy Tree Friends is werd, crazy and down right retarded and what Daz said ( not trying to start a flamewar or spamwar) anyway why don’t you watch something else like, something that comes on Saturday night on Cartoon Network.

i agree that happy tree friends can be over the top sometimes but is generally entertaining. Having to put up with the brothers watching kiddy cartoons, older siblings can find these mini-shows strangely satisfying.
Some episodes are better than others.

yeah, i wach cartoon network hell loads (xiaolin showdown, billy& mandy, jonny bravo) and more. some of the shows on it are a bit retarded. and theres nufin rong with cute charachters mixed with gore content. im like "lol lol lol, that is r8 funny coz hes dead and comez bac next episode lol!!!

dont say bad things about it because…


I want to live in Brazil but I never want to stumble across that while looking for a Resident Evil site again.

u want to live in brazil? … this makes no sense …

you live in america!

the cops do their job

there are no monkeys

almost all the population have a job

is not hot as a hell

and people are arrogant

why would you trade all this for this tropical jungle full os tourist thiefes?

Monkey filled Jungle…Thinks happy thoughts

Actually, it gets pretty damn hot around here. A bit to the east of me for instance holds one of the world records. <_<

ya, i saw on the news lol is 45 c and people think thats hot hahaha for me thats a breeze, try 55