Happy New Year, or something

I haven’t posted here much. But maybe I will next year. ;o

My only New Year’s resolution is to be more organized.

happy new year in a few hours. my resolution is… brb.

HAPPY NEW YEARS! :smiley:>

My new year’s resolution is 1152 by 864. [/clich?]

Now get back to your homework and studying for those 3 tests conveniently planned for January 2. [/it’s sad but true]

But seriously, by the end of this year I plan to have at least 1/3rd of Net Mission done, make at least 10 of the MIDIs I really wanted to make but never had the time to this year along with finishing all my incomplete ones, get back to spriting, and have lots of fun. Oh yeah, and the usual 4.0 GPA thing. >_>

Happy new year, everyone!

I never had any sort of “New Year’s resolution” before, but if I were to choose one this time, it’d have to be something along the lines of “improve at everything”.


lol mine would have to be get my orc shaman to lvl 60… sometime next year. already lvl 30 w00t! =P

yeah, im kind of a WoW geek.


its not even 6 o’clock here… lol

see the time/date on my last post? ROFLMAO. new year party better than last year.
new years resolution: get better at spriting and learn flash script.

happy new year in 22 minutes for us in mountain time!

well, its 07. see you in hell, 2006. cant wait til xmas… shit.

Happy New Years! But its 1/1/07 already here.

Happy late new years!!!