Happy 30th Anniversary!!!

Now, for those of you that didn’t know, Star Wars, A New Hope, was released on May 25th in 1977. Today, I’m here to celebrate the 30th anniversary of one of the best, if not the best, Sci-Fi films ever made. Happy 30th anniversary!!!

w00t… Sock pupets FTW.

…but that’s only 10 years… o_O

Sorry. Big ass typo on my part. Goes to Fix There we go.


So, what does everyone think of the starwars CGI, and 2 new movies? They haven’t told us anything yet, but does anyone have any predespositions?

I apologize for my ignorance beforehand, but what are you talking about?

And so my contribution to the ‘celebration’


Three=Epic and lots of effects to it. flipping around

6 = WIN
5 = WIN
4 = WIN
3 = Meh
2 = Meh
1 = Fail.

3-ehh… okay to say the least…

i cant believe I missed watching this on G4 =(. Not really sure I like seeing Star Wars becoming a full TV series. In my opinion that just ruins good movies =/. Also. What 2 movies? Will they take place after the fall of the empire? Like say during Legacy of the Force timeline?( Yes I am kinda a Star Wars Nerd and love reading the books ._.)

Oh my favorites are like this

  1. best of the prequels
  2. sucked
  3. meh
  4. loved it
  5. loved it
  6. loved it
  1. for some reason, I havent seen it yet. :stuck_out_tongue:
  2. decent
  3. Very good, but not as good as originals
  4. Very good
  5. Excellent
  6. Excellent, but not as good as 2 (the Ewok thing threw me off)

I’ve definetly say that from what I’ve heard, episode 1 is the worst.

not really. It had the old star wars feel that 2 and 3 didnt have

I dunno, I kinda didn’t like 1. Yeah, it was good, and yeah, it still had the star wars “feel”, but it was a bit of a repeat of episode 4. For example, someone named Skywalker leaves tatooine; the Mentor of the movie (Qui-Gon Jinn) dies at the hands of a Sith; the core ship and the death star, both are destroyed by a Skywalker. It seemed like Lucas was sort of recycling old material, but I still like 1. It is a very good movie.

  1. Win.
  2. Win.
  3. Win.
  4. Win.
  5. Win.
  6. Win.


…some thing must be wrong with you if you thought Episode 2 was great…it had the worsst acting in al of the Star Wars films IMO. Episode III is ok but not that great…

  1. meh
  2. Kewl
  3. Yay special effects and kewl
  4. third best
  6. the very best

if lucas doesnt decide to make the last 3, somebody else should. there was originally supposed to be 9 episodes…

Totally and utterly agree.

oooo I hope the next 3(if there ever will be another 3) will take place Either During the Yuuzhan Vong war period OR during Legacy of the Force time period

kay i’ll do one now:

6-meh idk