If anyone here has ever heard of or played the strategy game Starwars: Galactic Battlegrounds, you know it’s an extremely fun game. Well…I and some other decided this could be made even more fun.

With HALO.

Here’s the forum thread at Battlegrounds Heaven: http://swgb.heavengames.com/cgi-bin/forums…&f=10,8107,0,10

Comments may go there, or here. I recomend you read the last two-three pages immediately, and catch on on the other…uhm…20…later. The most important juicy stuff is happenin’ right now.


And, yes, I know this is not a fan-game, it’s a mod for a pre-existing game. But still, it’s freakin’ awesome.


goes on some sitem searching for a downloading page os TW:GB