Halo Zero (Halo 2d)

The Best Halo 2d game ever made Halo Zero is great.

You can download HZ here

My thoughts on this game are…meh. I’ve seen better, but I’ve also seen worse. I take it this is supposed to be a prelude to Halo, and as such, I must criticize it. It just didn’t fell Halo-ish to me. I liked parts of it, and I also hated parts of it. One part I utterly despised was the default controls. They were either made for left-handed people, which would be equally awkward, or a mutant with three hands. My opinion: change the default controls to your favorite PC shooter. I changed mine to match Battlefront 2, and then I had smooth gameplay. The warthog sequences were too…weird. Once you started, you couldn’t stop without putting all your focus into stopping, and then you were in the middle of a group of enemies without shields.

Final opinion: good, but it has several things that it could work out. It’s worth the download, but afterwards, you might just delete it to save room on your desktop.

Yeah, the gameplay is fairly repetitive and boring, but thankfully or not the game is short and easy. I haven’t experienced what multiplayer is like with more than just me running around. Also, the game uses up all of my computer’s CPU power when it’s open, causing it to run choppily and make my computer hum unhealthily. It wasn’t that bad, I guess, but I haven’t played it in months.

Yeah, that was another thing I disliked about it. It reminded me of playing Empire At War. It took so much CPU power that it was so slow when you upped the graphics that you despised the game. This game did this too, but it wasn’t nearly as bad. Either way, Multiplayer is EXTREMELY bland simply because no one is on. At all.

I reiterate, it really is worth the download, but it will end up in the recycle bin at some point just to save space.

I just thought i would post the game for people who haven’t played it.

But i don’t think they use game maker i saw somthing eles on there web page but there sever is down so you can’t view it. :smiley: