Halo and Halo 2

I cant believe that no one started a halo topic here before.

Halo is so friggen fun!

Amen to that.
What is ur favorite level?

Well if you would like my imput my favorites are asention (sp) and zanzibar

oops fergort ta post my favorites. it would have to be terminal for h2 and omega from the h2ce team.

Halo 2 Halo 2 Halo 2.

I kick some cybernetic arse in multiplayer, but i dont have live. Thing is, i beat level 16’s for fun.

Mesa like coagulation and sacred icon.

Its a cool game but I like Metroid more… :smiley: :smiley:

thats better :angry:

My thoughts on Halo 2… first the MP is splendid but thats not my gripe about Halo 2… it’s the singleplayer that makes is a turn off. When I first viewed trailers of Halo 2 I thought you’d be on earth having a All out war. Yet once you play you find yourself back on another halo :O_O: while it fits the storyline I wanted a war-like Single-player. Not a ring run which why I see Halo 1’s Singleplayer much better IMO

To me, Halo CE was almost on par with MP (don’t kill me fanboys,) but Halo 2… not so

much. Just get Halo for PC/Mac- way better multiplayer IMO (and free.) My major

complaints on Halo 2 (like you care) are the lack of physical strength in chief- those

grunts have more health than you- and the ridiculous darkness levels in the game,

especially the latter ones.

Halo is amazingly awesomenesstical. Halo 2… okay, so it lets you play as an Elite, that’s cool. But beyond that, the first game blows it out of the water in three directions at once. Bah. The second one just isn’t fun for some reason. I can’t even place what changed so much, I just can’t enjoy it. Although I do largely blame the pistol for that. H1’s pistol is a really fun weapon. I used it almost exclusively. Hard to master, but extremely effective and fun to use. ANd then for H2 they nerf the pistol like hell, so my entire strategy’s screwed up, and bah. :stuck_out_tongue: Plus they screwed up Banshees. Oh, and I play the PC version of H1. Because it’s just better. :smiley:

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