HALO 3!!!!!!!


I do! Have you seen the trailer? It looks awesome! New guns!

NOOOO! NEED X BOX 360! damn u rich kids >_>

that’s not a new gun, its from halo 1.

the trailer is awesome! the forums at bungie are swaming with activity about it

I don’t get it.

The trailer was crap IMO >_>;

(EDIT: Okay, fine, the graphics were great and the music rocked.)

Well, it is called a teaser trailor for a reason. They don’t want to unviel too much about the game, because it IS coming out in like 2007 >_>;

And yeah, the gun he has in his hands is the Assault Rifle from the ol’ Halo game. Odd how they’re using it again

i liked it, except for the accuracy(the ar)

the trailer was awesome! top notch. according to bungie, it is an actual part of the game

I think you misunderstood what Bungie said. The trailer is rendered in real-time, just like the game will be when played, meaning that those are in-game graphics, not that that cutscene specifically will be in the game.

well, i knew that, but it also says that its part of the game.

“This is how the world will end (or ends, or something)…”
Well, I gotta say… END FASTER!

I going to get it once when it come out and I get enough money, first thing I will get is The Wii and then Xbox360.

wii… heh heh… yeah

its this is the way the world ends

i just call it the WiiLy

I honestly don’t care what the hell it’s called. I’m not a name critiquer or a graphics critiquer. I buy the consoles to play the games. I’d buy a console titled “**** **** the ****ing ****” if it had good games and a revolutionary new controller design.

And at least Nintendo realizes that we don’t want the same shit again and again.

I have no idea if I’ll get a PS3 (though with the absurd price tag I 99% won’t) or an Xbox360 (Doesn’t even hold a freaking candle to the Wii. As someone else said, OMG, TWO NEW SHOULDER BUTTONS11!11 THAT’S SURE TO REVOLUTIONIZE THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN PLAYER AND GAME SYSTEM, FER SUREZ0R!!!111! And then there’s all the bugs and hardware problems. Don’t even start on how it will have better “graphics” than the Wii. Sure, Call of Duty 2 LOOKS awesome, but when I sit down in front of my TV to play it, I’m PLAYING a game, not LOOKING at it. It’s a game, not a movie - at least nintendo realizes that gameplay is the most important thing, not graphics.). But I WILL get a Wii, and I don’t give a shit about what the name is. This is finally a console that actually realizes that gamers want something INNOVATIVE, not the same damn thing. Give me a Playstation, Xbox, GameCube, PS2, Xbox360, and nintendo 64 controller and point out ONE major difference between them all. Just one. Not the arrangement of buttons or analogue sticks. Something actually different. You can’t do it, can you?

Nintendo has Microsoft and Sony beat in the video game area. The Xbox 360 was rushed and doesn’t revolutionize a single thing. The PS3 might have earth-shattering specs, but again, I’M PLAYING THE GAMES, NOT LOOKING AT THEM. You don’t need to jam pack a console so full of specs to make the games (ahem, MOVIES in this case, as Sony seems to think that’s what they are) prettier, and end up making your customers pay SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS.

Six hundred dollars.

For games that play more like interactive movies with the same sloppy interface.

Only hardcore sony fans and those with enough money to spend on it will play it, and that is a small minority.

Microsoft is losing money on the Xbox 360, you know. Why? Because only gamers are playing their console. That and it was rushed and offers no new life into a declining entertainment category.

Instead of a clunky controller, the Wii has a remote. The interface is simple and intuitive - swing a remote, swing something on the screen, conduct an orchestra. All you need to know is how to move your arm. Even a seventy-year old could play one of these things.

Think about it. It simplifies the connection so much that now entire FAMILIES will be playing the console, even the grandparents. My mother, who is fifty-five, is just as hyped about the console as I am - she can’t wait to give it a try. Doesn’t that say something? The system isn’t just for gamers anymore. It isn’t for people who grew up around computers and have the fast-paced reflexes to use a controller. It’s for everybody. The total number of people actually playing Nintendo games will skyrocket and Nintendo will shoot past Microsoft and Sony.


Because they realized what gamers want in the first place.

But I digress.

However, Halo and halo 2 were a fairly fun games, even though the series isn’t nearly as revolutionary or different as other FPSes, as some seem to think. It’s just another FPS, though the story is fairly intriguing and the action is fast-paced and has this elusive something that seems to draw you in. Whatever the case? I don’t know if I’ll get it. Maybe if I find myself with an Xbox 360 in the future I will, but right now? I’ll stick to the games made by companies who actually realize what gamers want.

(you know, we are here to discuss halo 3 not the systems)

i agree with oyu on some points. graphics dont make the game. but what would you prefer? a game with good gameplay but bad graphics, or a game with a good gameplay AND good graphics?

In case you didn’t notice, while a lot of my post was about consoles, I didn’t COMPLETELY stray off topic :stuck_out_tongue:

Well yeah, but I never found Halo to be as great as they said it was. Sure, it’s a fairly fun FPS, but again it’s not that innovative - it’s just another FPS that happened to strike a mildly better pace and all around feel of combat that puts it slightly ahead.

Basically, my point is that I think people are focusing way too much on graphics and not enough on gameplay. I mean, I love good graphics as much as the next person, but the thing that the game developers need to realize is that they come SECONDARY to gameplay.

To be fair, though while Halo doesn’t seem to be that innovative, it does have a redeeming quality in the overall polish and pace of gameplay that strikes a good balance between fast-paced action and face-paced thought.

The ultimate point? I’m kinda undecided about the whole series, especially because I’m worried that it will fall into the same hole and focus on graphics to the detriment of gameplay, and I’m not sure if I’ll get Halo 3. Meaning I was acutally more on topic than you might think. :stuck_out_tongue:

i like gameplay better.

who cares about inovative? i think the wii’s controller, while interesting, is a hinderence rather than an upgrade. i’d use the older controlles…

True Jetman123, They know we want something new and invinted way to play games. But I never tried Xbox out.

you should. it has more games for mature people

Exactly why he shouldn’t try it…lmfao.