Halo 3 Countdown

Ok, so today we come to the 1 month point of the Halo 3 countdown. This thread will be your one stop place for Halo 3 videos, articles, and pictures.

This week’s video is…

Arms Race

You do know that, to any REAL Halo fan, that is very old <_<;

This week’s should be the Leaked Hornet video XD

was that all 3d models in there? cus the marines looked real to me O.o

It’s real, made like a movie, with props and stuff, some was CGI but almost none.

I know this is old. I am a real halo fan. but most of you are not, so I was hoping on sharing some cool with you all. some of the articles I may or may not post will be very old, but I doubt any of you will have seen them.

Ah, so it appears I’m a few days late this week. I’ll have to make up for that.

Today’s video is…

Et tu, Brute?


Is Quisnam Protero Damno!

And some screenshots…


And some renders.


Seems I’m late agin. Oh well, its worth the wait to see this.

Believe Diarama

I don’t care if you don’t like Halo, this is awesome.


So today I have something a bit different. I have a multiplayer walkthrouh video where the guy shows some of the new maps and weapons.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Watch out for the last one, as it shows the intro cutscene of the game, which I didn’t watch, so don’t talk about it if you do.

Not to say Halo is not cool but i personally do not like it because of it only going to Xbox.
See if it went to PS2 then i would probably like is :sweat: oh well i guess i won’t be playing Halo :angry:.

I think that Sand Trap (is that what its called? can’t remember exact name) is my favorite. I don’t know why, but I could see that as an escape map, with prisoners using an elephant with pistols and other small arms, and guards attacking the elephant with heavy arms, such as the rocket launcher. For those of you who don’t know, or couldn’t guess it by my definition, escape is where one team (usually reffered to as the prisoners) tries to get from point A to point B. This team normally only has “small” arms, such as pistols, smgs, etc. Another team (usually reffered to as the guards) tries to prevent said prisoner team from reaching Point B. The Guards usually carry “heavy” arms, such as a rocket launcher, assault rifle, etc. Since the Guards usually have the unfair advantage with even teams, most of the time, the number prisoners will outweigh the number of guards (for instance, I played a game with a 9 vs. 3, prisoners majority. I was a guard, and we won. Suprisingly, 12 players with a 9 vs. 3 differential is perfect for this game). The other maps look kinda good, but Sand Trap screamed to me “ESCAPE!!!” Yeah, can’t wait for the next update, Mag!

Okay, with all the awesome stuff I have been seeing about Halo 3, I HAD to go get Halo 2 and play though it so I would understand the story. It was fun, I am not gonna lie. And I will for sure be getting Halo 3. Looks freakin sweet.

I mean, come on! 4 player, online, co-op? Insane. Not to mention Forge, the freakin sandbox editor. The are really going all out for this game, huh? I can’t wait. Single player looks amazing. I mean, come on! Elites joining up with Humans! How much more awesome could it get? And multiplayer looks out of this world insane. Seems like the level of customization is through the roof.

Yeah, I have been won over. Not to say it will top Metroid in my favorite games list, but its pretty high up there. Bungie really out did themselves this time.

But isn’t only 16 players SOOOOO 2003? Some games these days have like 64 player online. That just seems strange to me.

Maybe if they quadrupled the size of their maps. >_>

64 characters running around firing at you in one area seems a little much for an FPS.

Troid, a lot of FPSes work fine with ridiculous numbers of people. It’s not about number, it’s about design, and I guess they figured they wouldn’t bother with massively humongous team maps…
Also, they probably don’t like lag.

Probably not, since I’ve heard a rumor from a reliable source that Halo 3 will have dedicated servers instead of host.

Axion, don’t forget about saved films!

On the note of forge and saved films…

Cinema Paradiso

FREAKIN…AWESOME! That is cool. That just made my idea for escape on sandtrap (or whatever the hell it is) perfect. Like, you could have beacons lighting the way to point B, or you could just set a crapload of explosives right in front of the elephant, and make it explode. That is going to be awesome. Can’t wait.

Is escape a gametype that’s already in Halo 3 or something you made yourself, because I’ve never heard of it.

Oh, It’s a very common type of map in counterstrike, but I don’t believe that the Halo programmers would have put it in. So, no, the programmers most likely didn’t put it into the game, but there are tons of custom maps of it in counterstrike. More specifically, counter strike: source. But, it’s one of my favorite types of maps, so I’m hoping that someone will come up with a version of it on some map in Halo 3. With Forge, almost anything is possible.

MP3:C Review
Halo 3 Review
Compare the points, take it is you will.

A perfect tie? Interesting, interesting…

You wouldn’t believe how many kids were wearing Halo 3 shirts today in school and discussing all day how they’re going to skip school tomorrow after they get it at midnight tonight.