halo 2d

ive been thinking about making a halo 2D game. but im not exactly sure how to do this… so… can you help me? anyone?

Well, first order of business would be to get some spriters, a story writer, and a programmer. I could help with two of those, though not until around Monday, and as I am involved with a large number of other projects, this one would have to be a lower priority, but I can help a bit.


well, ive found a site where they have halo sprites… and the guy who made em says anyone can use em as long as you give him credit…

i know i dont have skill at anything but i WILL help, if i find out HOW…

Why don’t you make a 3D Halo game, eh? If you do, I’d be glad to help (Actually, I’d be glad to help either way as long as you can give me your MSN addreass.) :smiley:

im not sure wha you mean about halo 3d, thats how the real games are

i dont have msn, i use yahoo… but yeah, ill give it to you.

I mean a 3D Halo game.

But a 2D one would be cool.

I know quite a bit about the Halo backstory and such (Wikipedia) so I could help you with the story. But I do have lots of projects going on in my life so I may be busy, but if you talk to me often, I’ll help alot.

I’ll be willing to bet the sprites you found were Fuzzy’s, who made Halo: Resolution. Those sprites are not fit for a game, as they are not animated. Besides, we could make much better ones.

is it gunna be a platformer like p2d? or is it gunna be a top down view or something?


i doubt they were his, it was on some wierd site that was devoted to sprites…

and they have enough that if you stack them they will be animated(or something like that)

Can you give us a link to the site?

i think hes talking about shy guy kingdom? well anyway google “shy guy kingdom”

That’s not much of a project plan, is it?

“Let’s do this!!”
everyone leaves

Quite the contrary; my Halogrounds project(a mod to convert Starwars: Galactic Battlegrounds into a Halo-based RTS) began with me and two or three other guys discussing how much fun a Halo mod would be. I’s the only one interested in actually doing anything, and I had no modeling or modding experience. Now, about seven months later, I can model and have an experienced team of modders and modelers helping to make the project a reality. Beginning a project with no knowledge of how to do anything is sometimes the best way to learn how to do things. The only thing you need is some support and a will to learn.

It’s not that he can’t do anything, it’s that he doesn’t even have anything in mind to do.

Which would be why story-writers–such as myself–would be attracted: A clean pallette, unscorned by some other idiot’s work. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry man, it’s been done almost twice already and the sprites are from the same game. If you want to see how it’s done Google Halo Zero or Halo Blood Covenant.

Last I checked, Halo: Blood Covenant wasn’t finished. O’course, the website doesn’t seem to want to load anymore, so it may have been cancelled or moved without my knowing. Halo: Zero was good, but it could have been done tons better.

If’n you decide to stick with this, the story we manage will be a lot better than Halo Zero(I can’t say about HBC, because I never saw the story), and we can get…well, if not better, at the very least equal quality and original sprites.

I can’t count the number of Metroid fan games, and whenever someone starts a new one, I’ve never seen someone say “Sorry, it’s been done before.” Why? Because they always have original stories and sometimes original sprites. Well, give Halo a chance, too–its story is a great deal more comprehensive than Metroid’s(It’s true…Metroid has what can be conveyed in a few old Nintendo games and a few 3D, while Halo has three novels, two games, a third on the way, and an upcoming movie to flesh out its story to incredible levels), which means that there’s at least as much room for fan creation as with Metroid.

actually, i was planning on usein the actual game plot… unless we can come up with something else thats cool, which i bet we can

Well, we can always work within the game’s canon story. Possible routes: We could take the three SPARTANs that are not present at Reach. They most definitely have a story to tell, and we could do so. We could take SPARTANs -104, -043, and -058, the three present on Earth during Halo 2, and figure out where to place them during the Covenant Invasion of Earth. We could take any number of SPARTANs from the year 2,525, when the Covenant first engaged Humanity, all the way up to 2,552, the year that Reach falls. There are only a few instances in that time period in which we know the location and status of any of the SPARTANs; we can do a little creative engineering and make our own characters.

Or we could go a different route, following a Marine or ODST hero, or perhaps even include space combat. The possibilities are nearly endless.