Half Life 2(d)

Do you think Half-Life 2(d) would be a good thing for me to make?

  • Yes; easy as far as game transitions go
  • Yes; HL2D would pwn
  • No; general bad game to start on
  • No; No; Half-Life 2 should be left as-is
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So, I had an idea to make Half-Life 2 into a 2D game. HL has always been pretty linear so mapmaking won’t be too hard, spriting will be a learning experience (as will programming), sounds are some of my specialties.

Do you think this would be a good or a bad idea as a fangame for me to start on?

It’s been done, to an extent.


Dang. What do you mean by “to an extent”?

I mean it was a really shitty game =P
I’ll see if I can find a link…
EDIT: I think it might be illegal to download it. So I can’t post it here.
The only link I found is a torrent (google!).

If it’s shitty, then it’s okay for me to redo it, PLUS I’m talking about a remake of HL2, not the original game (which the one you mentioned appears to be).

Oh. Your title confused me <_<.
But yeah, it was a pretty awful game, so if you did something not awful, I’d love it.

if it’s practice it doesn’t matter if it’s been done.
what if you’d have to make something other than C to F converters when you start learning programming?

EDIT: go for it c_c;

Oh you little-

Well, my thing is only an engine, anyway, never planned to make the game. Just got carried away with a basic gravity gun example.
I made something to suck and punt objects.
Then I added better physics.
Then I added a lighting engine.
Then I added guns.
Then I ported the whole thing to my new physics engine.
Then I reached today.

Not quite done yet :slight_smile:

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