My friend (a 13-year old tiny girl) went to the NRA with her family to practice using guns, today, and I got into a bit of a fight with her about guns. In my opinion, guns are inherently bad, as they were created for killing, are used for killing, and will continue to be used for killing. Her actual practicing using a gun wasn’t the thing that worried/pissed me off the most, but the fact that her family supports guns.
This is just my opinion, of course, but I wanted to know what all of you think.

I agree, but its still nice to have a gun to protect yourself…just dont kill the person that attacks you.

About that…

There’s more instances of lives taken with guns, than lives saved. Of course, it’d be best for a compromise, with guns only given to responsible people, but that doesn’t seem ot be possible.
Anyhow, what’ll people attack you with, if not guns? There’s less of a need for guns with no guns.

i disagree with you timaster. although they were made for killing, they were made for killing GAME to live off of. I’m from Idaho and theres alot of hunting here. I’m for guns 100%… as long as its for practice/hunting.

Tim, you seem to be missing one vital point. If someone is going to be killing someone else, that means they aren’t above breaking the law. If guns are made illegal, people that break the law WILL find other ways to get them. This means that criminals will be able to have them, and victims won’t. Now if you get attacked you’re far more likely to die, because you can’t defend yourself much.

What we need is tighter security on guns, not an all-out ban.

Daz is right, people may use swords, stick, nives and other stuff to kill people with. They allways find somehow to kill anyone, so we need thighter laws on guns and not banned them.

Saying “well, we can’t stop it!” isn’t an excuse for allowing it. You may not be able to make guns disappear, but you can try.

Most gun-related deaths aren’t premeditated murders. They’re “WHAT? FUCK YOU!” shoots
If people can’t get guns, this will NEVER happen. They’ll attack with knives, with fists, but it won’t be nearly as high a death rate.
Just look at other countries, where guns are harder to get…
There’s barely even a death rate to speak of.


That doesn’t mean that the death rate would be down 85% if guns were prohibited. They’re easy to kill someone with, yes, but nobody is going to stop their homicide or suicide if they don’t have a gun. They’ll find another way. If guns were only used for hunting, that would be fine if it weren’t for the fact that, like Daz said, people who DO break the law are going to find a way to use guns, and the innocent people who don’t break the law are going to have no form of protection. Basically, this sums up why they can’t stop selling arms.

Banning guns won’t bring down the premidated murders (well, they will, but I won’t bother arguing that), but most murders AREN’T premeditated.

The thing that I find funny about America, is that the drinking age is 21 to prevent violence and/or addiction, yet every adult is allowed to carry a gun. Perhaps you should move to Canada, Tim.

Canada > America :3 … In that sense, of course.

Guns should be left for the people who need it the most, not to be used at peoples leisure. Problems can be solved in other ways.

COUGH**COUGHno gun law = teh pusseh lawCOUGH

siriously… canadians have a no gun law? -.-

COUGH**COUGH That’s the worst quality post I’ve seen in a long time. There are rules against that. COUGH

The amount of ignorance in your brain could fill an inflatable mattress… not that I’d want to sleep on that crap.

its not ignorance its my opinion. people should learn to respect other’s opinion

That’s the best insult I’ve heard in my life. XDDD

Oh yeah, and don’t stray off topic. <_< >_>

It’s illegal for guns to be held in households in Canada. That’s it. There are other ways of solving your problems. Maybe that contributes to our low crime rate.

i really wasnt trying to be mean here… but tim is trying to start a fucking flaming war.

Being condescending and calling everyone against guns a pussy isn’t mean, I suppose…
Yeah, I see your point.


Yo, you two. It’s funny, because I seem to recall a moderator saying to stop straying off topic. So why is it that you’re still doing so? Because last I checked… you’re supposed to listen to the staff.

Got it?

Yes, the furry fruit was being an ignorant ass. Yes, the Tim was being a bit argumentative. But none of that has anything to do with gun laws, so drop it and let us deal with the problem. >_>

Sorry T_T

Metroid Fanatic, when you say it’s illegal for them to be held, does that mean every kind of firearm, for all professions?
For instance, does a hunter have to go to a special place and rent a gun or something every time he goes hunting?

Kinda… I’m pretty sure you have to have a permit to hold a gun.


Well, not hold it, but shoot it.