Name: Gunbird
Released in: Japan/USA
Genre: 2D Shooter
Rating: NR
Platform: Arcade/PS1/DC/PS2
Publisher: Psikuo

Gunbird Title.

A witch named Marion and her friends are looking for the four pieces of a magical mirror that’s said to grant the wish of anyone who finds it. However an evil witch (which I have no clue as to her name) wants to stop them. So what do they do? Fly around and blow stuff up!

Cutscenes protray the story using anime drawing.

Think success meets Treasure and you get a Cotton fused with Ikaruga. Well Gunbird is a 2D over the head shooter, where you’re blowing stuff up. Your weapon can be charged up to three times, and you also get bombs. The game has tons of enemies and can get quite hard towards the end. Nothing like Ikaruga, but it’s up there.

A group shot and some gameplay shot.

Graphics are a little shady, but it’s alright for what it’s worth. I’m telling you the gameplay, sound, and music all make up for the outdated graphics. The game’s so fun, with five initial characters and a few hidden ones (ala Naked Samurai being one) make the game definately worth playing.

Fast action makes the game fun and exciting!

Aura’s oppinion: I love shooters. I love Cotton, I love this game. This game serious owns. Dispite the graphics, I love the intense game play, and the fast paced action that goes with it. This is one game I can easily lose myself in and I highly suggest you don’t pass this one up. Mame it, search for it for DC/PS2/PS1, or do anything to go play this game.

Aura’s Rating: 9/10

Never heard of it, but it looks…



Daz, where did you get that emotion?

And where exactly could I find this game?