Grunt or Metroid

What would you have as a pet?

  • Metroid(Might kill you)
  • Grunt(From Halo)
  • Nether(None of them)
  • Both(Metroid and Grunt)
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Metroids suck energy.
Grunts need you to buy the grunter and give them it in the morning so they can eat is a picture of a grunt if you’ve never seen on.

I would have a grunt because it can talk and is funny.

Edit.The top used to say metroid suck blood but i changed it ot Metroid suck energy

uh…metroids don’t eat blood. They suck energy out a person, and no, the energy isn’t blood. :sweat:

metroid by far. I could sick it on all my enemies, so it can feed. Plus its much harder to kill then a Grunt. You can just shoot a grunt in the head, but a metroid you have to freeze to ice and then fire a missle or some explosive, and how the hell are you going to freeze it?

both, because then I can let the metroid eat the grunt…and not me :stuck_out_tongue:

… Well. That’s quite possibly the most random matchup I’ve ever seen. Hell, grunts are sentient life! It wouldn’t be a pet, it would be a slave!

… I woulnd’t care much for a metroid either, it’d try to eat you if you tried to pet it.

I’ll stick with my puppy, thank you very much.

Although I wouldn’t mind a yoshi. :3

Yeah, but I think he means if you could train a metroid.
And that metroid would be your freind.
That would be awesome.
I would be a, sorta super hero.
I’d train it to attack evil people, and I would sit on it while it does it.
but it might get confused:?, and destroy the planet in its Omega stage… :wink:

No, he means to have a Metroid as a pet… :neutral_face:

I’d have a metroid, if anyone made fun of me I’d make it it’d eat them, and if it tried to eat me, well, I’d stuff it in the freezer.

I’d prefer a Metroid as a mast…

Pet. I’d prefer a Metroid as a pet.

i would rather have like a flood infection form or a sentinal

Now how would you be able to pull that off?

It would be dificult to even touch it if you had a Power Suit.! :smiley:

Look at the pirates in Metroid Pirme you think they could stuff a Metroid in a freezer. Man, all the Piratesl get killed by it! :unamused:

Sorry im just sick of all these coments about Metroids being weak jelley fish (from my friends) :smiley: .

Metroids can be pacified at temperatures under 10c, and frozen easily. It wouldn’t take much. All you would conceivably need is an icewater-sprayer and the Metroid would be so sluggish you could stuff it in the freezer.

yep! but then would you be able to thaw it in a way that will keep it alive?

Good point. The Metroid could conceivably shatter when you removed it… hm. I suppose you could gradually turn down the settings on the freezer…

Another point I’d like to make is that Metroids can be domesticated: Metroid 2 and Super Metroid showed us this. So, that captive metroid, once you bred it, you could kill it and wait untill the hatchling emerges, thereby having it imprint onto you as it’s mother. You could wreak havoc with it! Well, if you could somehow learn Metroidese… Skree skree SKREE skree skree?

Is it just me or do Metroids actually seem a little weak?
After all of that I mean…

yeah…after continuous fire, you could kill it…

…grunts are cooler,THEY CAN TALK and they are funny whaen u kill them :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah, they are cooler. but after about 2 days their high pitched voice would get annoying… :sweat:

Yeah, but it would kill you before you do…
([font=TIMES]Remembers the Metroids killing Space Pirates in Prime[/font] :wink: )

Now is there any person stronger than a Space Pirate?
Me thinks no.

wll, the galactic federation bravo squad probably is…