Grr... sister

Tell me am I being stupid or is my sister being a brat? I recently just got a new computer that I chose and built (with my Dad’s help with troubleshooting in the end of course :slight_smile: ) because me and my dad figured that we need a new computer. So after a day and a half of sweating it out putting together the computer (and fixing those damn problems) I finally get a day to play my most recent PC game, Oblivion, game unenjoyable on this computer because the cpu, gfx card, and memory was going outdated. After a couple of times playing with Oblivion and the Logo button + Tab switching on Vista Premium, my sister comes back from the circus and decides it is her turn. We were already having a problem, where we could only access the drive that we partitioned for Vista (20 gigs. Shoulda done 30 but w/e), but she decides she wants to play anyways. She decides to install Diablo II, a game that can be played lag-free (ok, maybe a little lag over B.NET) on this computer using the maximum video and audio settings. She even decides to create an account, using up the already low memory and forcing us to log on each time we turn the computer on, against my warnings. Heck, she even haughtily pointed out that I made myself administrator in a way as if I should have made myself the Standard account, even though that there was only one account at that time, mine (you need at least one account to be an administrator). I seriously want to hit her right now. So should I hit her, or hit my senses back?

Aw, look at that. Your sister made you log on every time you turn your computer on? You poor thing. You should be the next king metroid.


at any rate, i think its fine. i have to share a comp with my dad and im fine with it :slight_smile:

There are far worse things in this world then having to have to log in every time you play a game. Not even worth arguing about, not even worth posting about.

Do a barrel roll!

I’d be kinda angry too, if it was my computer, but it’s not his computer… he just built it.

You know what? You guys are right. There are things worst.

The barrel roll worked!

I never got why people hated that saying. Sure he said it like three times, and it is unnecessary if you got sweet dodging moves (like me :ninja: ) but still, you can just ignore it.

Heh i’m glad i have my own computer, but 2 days? dude i had my computer built, windows, drivers and games all installed in under two hours. where did you get your computer from? NASA?

He probably had problems setting it up. I know I did… it took me forever cause my motherboard and case didn’t match, so the mobo kept shorting out on the case. :blush:

lol, my dad got a mini ATX case and he accidentally bought a full sized mobo for it and that didn’t end well. He spent 2 days cursing at himself for not looking at the mobo’s specs before purchasing it.

im guessing mobo is an acronym for motherboard?

i was working on creating my own computer, and the guy at frys electronics (best store ever) helped me out a lot. However, once i got it all purchased, i realized i forgot to buy a monitor (the most expensive piece of equipment) and had no money left, and besides that, my dad said i couldn’t own a computer (after it was half built? wtf?). oh well, i guess it will remain an unfinished project.

Since all you guys seem to have problems with buying compatible hardware, I suggest you go to It lists everything you need to know on what it is compatible with on the specs page. If you don’t want to pay for shipping, you can just print out your order, go to an outlet, and they will get all the pieces for you.
However, if you ARE lucky enough to have an outlet within driving distance, be warned, as the service is SLOW, as in iwishipaidforshippingnotthiscrap slow.

TigerDirect blows go to NewEgg they’re Awesome.

NewEgg > life.

Lawl Just as I said that my computer fried <_< now i’m out a processor, power supply, mother board and hard drive (ironically GFX card and ram is perfectly fine) LOL Karma.



You fail monstrously. :laughing:

I’m inclined to agree right now >_>

Topic explaining what happened

memory express =D

<_< I think i hijacked this topic now… Ok back to his sister =O