My brother went to digg and found this game. :stuck_out_tongue:
Digg is this.

Well, that’s actually kind of fun. If you like it you might also like The Sandbox of God. I have to go right now, but I’ll put a link to it when I can. It’s similar but longer and not as good looking.
Okay I found it. Click here to see it.

That is awesome. So far the best I’ve gotten is:

Bone: Max
Water: Max
Ball: 1
Bowl-mushroom: 3
Plants: Max
Pot: Max
Tube: 5
Spring: Max
Man: Max
Fire: Max
Music: 3rd song

I’m not telling how. Took a lot of tries.

Edit: Got bowl-mushroom to max now, but tube to 4. Is it even possible to get max with them all? And what does that ball even do?

Edit2: The other grow games on that site are just as fun. Especially grow RPG.

LOL cute yet fun.

Ah yes, Eyezmaze… Great site. I’m particularly fond of Vanilla and Grow RPG, and Hatch is kinda fun too.

Wow, that game was…i didnt get it, but it was cute and amusing to watch.

If you want to cheat go here.If you want the other grow games go here.There are other versions and an rpg :smiley:

After two days of tinkering, I won

One of the hardest games on that site is Chronon. It’s so confusing. :confused: My highest score is 52. Has anyone else played this game?

uh… how do u upgrade the little dif colored pebbles? :confused: