I am so bored. So incredibly bored.

It’s a bit after midnight and I’m still procrastinating on a few hours of work for tomorrow. And because I’m sure I won’t start until maybe 2:00ish, I have nothing better to do for now except be REALLY really mayonnaise ABSORBINGLY BORED.

So right now I’m drinking grape G2, the low-calorie Gatorade which somehow tastes better, and I accidentally found this again, which I’m sure Zurg remembers. Oh, just remembered, I also need to memorize lines for something I’m doing tomorrow with a team that actually includes Squishy. I get to be one of these, completely with flailing long sleeves and a voice like Spoony as Terl from Battlefield Earth. So I’ll get on that now.

Also, post more.

Ryuuseigun is way better than Kumikyoku.


Phlakes, there is a creeper in your avatar. It’s green and 4 legged.

He’s wearin cute lil boots :3

And an explosive backpack. Thus proving the creeper theory.

Whether he’s a creeper or not, he and the heavy weapons guy certainly have a thing going on: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDwK-DPZ1ac