great news

i have figured out how to get past the part in mp2e where you lose almost all your powerups.

to do this: the room with your ship, notice there are these little black rectangles on the ground.

2.look down at the ground while facing the ledge, and the moment you touch the rectangle,relrase r and perform a well timed space will land on the ledge if done correctly. will eventually come into a room with morphball passages on the wall. to the right of the door on the right, there is a pile of bricks. stand on these and jump onto a red circle hanging on the wall above the can land on either cicles.after that perform a space jump and midair morph into a small opening in the middle of the red circle triangle. you can get the seeker launcher really early.on the way back, do the same trick,but instead go the other you can continue wherever you want from that point on.

warning:if you beat all bosses and then enter the portal,you will lose some items and never be able to get them back.

i’m gonna start a new game and try that. also you don’t have to look down just look for a red thing on one of the walls by samus’ ship and jump onto it. I made a screen shot and circled the thing you have to jump on:

An action replay will get them back for you.

some of us don’t like cheating though

…This whole trick is cheating. >_> Some of us don’t have AR’s though, or don’t like using forced cheats like that, so it still is a handy trick. . .

I think. Haven’t tried it myself, but it probably is. >>;

the one part when jumping from the bricks to the red thing is difficult

or you can use the the black rectangle on the will boost your jump.

why do it the hard way when you can just double jump up onto a red thing?

i mean the part where you get into the morphball passage.

post a screenshot of what your doing.

Sivart, I see you have a webcam, so could you make a video and post it here?

it’s not a webcam, it’s simply a digital camera, but i do have a webcam.
I would make a video, if:

  1. i had a computer near the gamecube
    and 2. the videos weren’t 100+MB

that’s the hole right?

How the hell can you look at the ground and face a ledge at the same time?

the ladge is in front of samus while she’s looking down.

this metroid kid is awesome! i’m playing without memory card so lose the items and get then back was aways frustrating to me,this will cut by half my work! thank you!! now i’m gonna kill that spider guardian!!

umm, this doesn’t work, considering there’s an invisible wall

where? in the hole?

please post a screenshot showing what you mean.

in the middle of the tre red circles,in the hole,you cant get in, that is just for exit, there is an invisible wall when you try to get him, or did you make it ?

There isn’t an invisible wall. I’ve done it many times (not the same was as metroidkid said). I think your game is f*cked up.