Gory metroid stuff

Nice :smiling_imp:

That’s funny, but cheesy.

Can you animate it?

I got some dead FED Troopers if you wanna see them,
heard it was realy gory. :wink:

I’m pretty sure that would fall under “Gory metroid stuff,” so post it.

I dont have any animation programs so I’ll do a sprite sheet.

Ok! here it is!


Dang, someone was paying attention when they went Berserk in DOOM…those sprites look like a green exploding Cacodemon!

Isn’t doom that one shooter game?

Yeah, but it was kinda fun. DOOM 3 was awesome though!

That “one shooter game”?! >.< …Gah. DOOM is a revolutionary game. It was the second FPS in history, the first one with stairs and more than four weapons, the first game that actually scared people.

“That one shooter game”…bah.

I’m sorry, but shooters fail to impress me.
Except Metroid Prime.

It is the exact opisite with me. Metroid Prime was cool.
But it can never compete with Halo and all the other FPS’.
I even thought Doom 3 was better than Prime. But there is no need to argue
because this is only my opinion.

To tell ya the truth, I’ve never played doom! :blush:
puts up hands getting ready to be smacked

smacks Zachtroid

Ya deserved that. Now go download the demo, or…something…

Responding to Dragon:
I don’t compare things like Half Life 2 and Halo to Metroid Prime, it’s like comparing apples and oranges-they’re both fruit, but that’s it. As Nintendo said, Prime/2 are First Person Adventures, not shooters. I like Metroid Prime, at least as much as I’ve played…hopefully I’ll have enough money for a Gamecube soon and I can have played every single Metroid game in exsistance. Except Hunters, 'cause it has no story.

Here http://img166.echo.cx/img166/1797/gore4li.gif

one is the normal gorified metroid and the other is a remix i did

Edit : me blowing up http://img169.echo.cx/img169/8913/allgore1wx.gif

Edit : My friend getting shot http://img296.echo.cx/img296/1521/shootgore5ez.gif

Edit : the two custom gores i made were edited with permission form tommy lees sprites

Don’t ya worry, I’ve not played it either… ph34r my awesome bodyguard :metroid:

Good animations. I like all the blood. :smiling_imp:

I made one to