Good controls

ive got these good controls for the demo:

move: arrow keys(duh)

shoot: s

jump: d

aim up: a

aim down: z

change weapons: space bar (kinda works like super metroid how u select da weapons)
change visors: shift

ya so i guess thats all :sunglasses: i hope u like them :slight_smile:

You can set your own controls, enter the pause screen and press left.

ya i know but just the default controls shoulb be kinda like that. BTW wat should i use t ocreate a good avatar? :confused:

i know this isnt da good topic to ask this question

adobe photoshop

agreed, unless you already have a picture of yourself ready (like me), in which case you can use paint and negative just to kinda screw around with it…but then again, some people dont think mine is cool…because they hate albert wesker…

ya i should use adobe photoshop. thanks for the tip! :smiley:

…sorry…didn’t know there were negative numbers…yeah…im…a lazy bastard …i know…


Wait, there’s negative numbers in size?


Edit: So THAT’S how you guys did so tiny font!

I feel like an idiot…

…why negative 5 font there?

…Pointless topic, completely off-topic question answered, and now this is turning into a bunch of BBCode-testing spam. I think I’ll just lock it before it gets too crazy in here.