here’s the link, it’s basically for making video game models, but it can be used for fun too.
Registration (you need to sign up w/ the forums for this


well if none of you are interested in GMax, here’s another good modeling software that’s free. It’s mainly used for creating models for the source engine. It has many features, and supports textures with bump maps which i find especially fascinating.


:O_O: That is one heck of a bump…
Anyways, I didn’t know this topic existed, and I can’t download it now, because we are about to completely wipe my computer… :frowning:

Does it cost anything? If so, I will never be able to comment on it…lol.

Here’s my source for free professional software:

And mine:

(Pirate bay helps, but stretches the definition of free so much it’s not even funny)

Well, it’s google by proxy. Google leads me to other sites, which lead me to other sites, which lead me to DELICIOUS FREE SOFTWARE.

there is a free version and an expensive version of xsi.

gmax is free.

… I get this error if I try and install it:

C:\Documents and Settings\Compaq_Administrator\Desktop\ST5UNST.EXE

Abort Retry Ignore

Abort- program ends
Retry- same error
Ignore-ST5UNST.EXE is necessary for setup, and cannot be ignored.


=O I found teh reply button TAKE THAT GOVERNMENT… Erm… <.< for get i said that.

C:\Documents and Settings\Compaq_Administrator\Desktop\ST5UNST.EXE


theres your problem.
They do weird crap to their computers.

Like everything else that is great, The Pirate Bay is Swedish.

Sm?rg?sbord, meatballs, Saab, Volvo, Abba, In Flames, Hammerfall, The Pirate Bay, TNT… we are the best!

Woot, Saab ftw!
(…I have a 900 Turbo Convertable =D
Might switch for a 900 Turbo Hatchback, though.)

Saab rox.

The computer mouse and color graphics are swesish inventions. H?kan Lans is the man!

The universe could be swedish too. I’ll get back to you about that some other time because I’m a little bit off topic again.

This isn’t an error message it’s a files path…

on the topic of that… I’m interested in learning Swedish (language). too bad i can’t find very many sites that teach me stuff =(

Hooray it works! xD