GM P2D's Freeze

What specifically about GM was unsuitable for the continued creation of the GM P2D? Or is it just that DF was fed up with GM’s “limitations,” or with the project? Just wondering. (I’m also aware that he may have quit because of personal issues.)

I’ve worked in GM and with GML for about five years to date, and while I have run into issues some may call limitations - which they truly are I’m sure (no sarcasm) - I think there’s a way around most any limitation in GM.

I don’t know off the top of my head if there are any specific issues with GM besides that “it’s not as good as MetEngine”. CFX has been working on a custom engine for quite some time, and the GM demo was never intended to be the full game.

I am aware of these things, as I’ve been following the project - albeit not too closely - since mid-2006 at least. It doesn’t seem like CFX has anything to do with this forum anymore, though I’m quite possibly wrong about this.

I suppose these are the things I’d like to know, if there are answers readily available:

  • What is better about the MetEngine in particular?

  • If you don’t care to explain, are there any demos around for me to see for myself? (I’m sure it’s more efficient with system resources and code, but as far as gameplay and content are concerned?)

  • Are the members of the P2D forum satisfied with what does exists in the GM engine?

  • Would they be happy if development of the GM engine continued? (I realize how nonexistent this possibility is - simply asking for the sake of learning.)

  • Do they prefer that their effort and hard work go into the hands of one person, whom without, this community’s purpose is likely reduced to reminiscing and re-hashing?

  • Do they prefer instead that their resources be put into a project controlled partially by the inner members of the community itself, with more than one programmer working on the engine (but still potentially a lead, whom is not heavily depended upon)?

Having worked with GM and GML for over five years, it seems to me that the present GM P2D engine, while very well-presented graphically, has much room for improvement in the scripting. I’m not saying that it isn’t efficient (nor would I know how efficient it is), but only that it is capable of much more than it has already achieved. I AM NOT candidating myself as a programmer for the project - I have many personal ties that would render me somewhat unreliable as such. Aside from that, I have no strong ties to this community as I have not kept close, therefore I doubt any would find or think me worth trusting. I am simply saying that I believe the project can move forward, and still has much potential; I am willing to aid in this movement be it the will of the community itself.

GM’s main problem is that it’s slow, and highly insecure.
MetEngine is supposedly going to fix all our problems (<_<)

If it gets finished, that is.
Another issue with GM is that there is no way it could store the massive amount of crap that’s going into the game.

Others may think so, and it may be true for the presently non-existent final game, but I don’t believe that the present engine on GM comes close to pushing the limits of how much content Game Maker can store. I’ve seen GM-created games with much more content than the present P2D engine on GM does, for sure; likely with much less efficient graphical assets as well.

Should it truly get to the point that GM can no longer contain all of the resources - I know many may be uneasy about this - but the team could go about keeping much of the game assets external, and load them into the game when necessary. A simple solution, I know, and one that I don’t know that anyone would agree upon. It’d be almost as bad, maybe, as handing someone the artwork and music and saying, “Here you go, have fun with it all!” I’m not sure why I’m suggesting it at all. Perhaps utilization of compressed/encrypted file packages would aid in a case like this.

Edit: And once again… What evidence is there hat MetEngine actually exists? Demos anywhere, or has anyone seen it themself? Is CFX in any way receiving graphical resources from this community? I personally have seen nothing but talk of this engine - and nothing with much detail, either. And even if MetEngine does exist, if he’s too selfish to show it to the community, the gamers - the reason people make games at all - what point is there in relying on his engine?

Edit: A blog entry I was able to find by someone under the alias of “Riyonuk” explains that, “Only avaliable to well known members, I got to play the Beta build…” If it is as far along as he says, why are no screenshots or small demos available?

I’m pretty sure it exists.
No demos exist, though, and this is because CFX refuses to release an imperfect engine.

and as we all know, perfection is rather hard to achieve.

CFX is a pompous asshole sometimes, but in this case he has his reasons. Last time he released…well…anything at all, problems popped up like a hyperactive Whac-A-Mole. Random nubs screaming for screenshots constantly, begging for source code, etc… “OOH OOH LET ME HELP I PROGRAMMED IN THE GAMES FACTORY ONCE!” And then more demanding of dozens of screenshots. “Hey I made a new sprite put it in and give me a screenshot!” ad infinitum. He just got fed up with it.

I don’t agree with his decision entirely, but I can respect his reasoning at least.

That said, it would be nice to have backup, and I do somewhat agree about having it being based more in the community.

The primary problem lies in the fact that the community as a whole can’t program worth shit–no offense to anyone who can, of course. But most who can are either too busy or already have their own apps to worry about, etc.

Yes, I understand why he would make that decision, given said circumstances. Still…

Heh and, yes, I too have noticed that most of this community can’t program too well. I’d love to say that I have enough time to try and help get P2D’s GM engine back on its feet - were that ever to happen - but unfortunately that presently is not true x_x. I am able to help, but I don’t have enough space to work on such a project with the utmost dedication or persistence necessary. I do have a good amount of time I could use to help, but not that much. If someone “worthy” ever steps up to this role, given that the community might embrace it, let me in on it. :stuck_out_tongue:

And of course, at the back of my mind (likely now the front), I want to ask this: Were I to offer my assistance at a later date when I -am- able to afford the time to take on such a responsibility, would anyone support me? Or would I have better chances of starting my own Metroid FG with its own team (which I have no intention of doing :stuck_out_tongue:)?

P.S.: I appreciate the effort and thought put into your response, Dazuro. The coughotherscough seem to deem me “unworthy” or likewise of a thorough response. >.>

No, not unworthy, Daz just has a lot more contacts, and therefore more info.

When will the new version get done though? If ever. I just don’t want P2D to be tossed in the can. I wouldn’t let it. I hope nobody ever even considers it >_>

If you’re asking about the Game Maker P2D, which this topic is about, then it’s already pretty much 99.9% established that there will be no further progress on the game engine you find on the homepage of The only way I could see any GM P2D moving forward is if someone else took up the role as lead programmer, was accepted by the community as such, began creating their own engine, which would then need also to be recognized by the community as the new P2D engine made with GM. From there, graphical work aside, it would be like starting P2D over. That’s not to say it couldn’t be done - just that it’s highly unlikely.

But like I said, the most recent demo available to the public now will never be added upon. DF has stated himself that he will not release the editable file to anyone. For good reason, too. A decent programmer could probably re-make the entire engine in the same amount of time it would take them to fully learn the code and workings of an engine made by someone else (in this case being DF).

A start-over will pretty much have to happen with MetEngine anyways, however. There will just be, as it seems, a much more Metroid-friendly and efficient way of not only handling and running the game, but of adding new parts to the game for the developer. As I understand, MetEngine is - in a very vague sense - a “GM” tailored to meet only the needs of developing and running a 2D Metroid game.

The annoying fanboys are everywhere. If you have a good project and tons of people like it, then that’s fine. However you always have those bunch of kids out there who demand more screenshots and offer to help even though they lack any form of usable talent. If you ask me that’s no reason to completely shut out the game from the public. Most (if not all) of the places I go to where fangames are present, people always ask for some sort of proof of their existence if one is to go about posting information on it. And I find it a bit odd that the whole entire P2D community are looking at one man for the solution to all of the projects problems. Even more is the fact that I don’t think anybody here has actually played or, let alone, seen any screens of this engine at all. Now I’m not saying this ‘Metengine’ is fake, but it seems one reason many I know have gave up on the game is because a once open-community project has now been locked away in total isolation. It’s almost as if everyone is so afraid of people stealing resources or being bothered by annoying fans that they just don’t show anything anymore.

Kinda we are.
We can’t post screens because not even we have the engine.

@Dragon: My realizations are synonymous, and that is somewhat the fact I’m trying to point out to this community. All we ARE or can be when the “project” is in this locked-away state is just spectactors, fans, and possibly but unlikely, uncredited contributors. IMO this community really isn’t about P2D anymore, it’s just a bunch of people who enjoy the Metroid series. Which there’s nothing wrong with that maybe, but I’m pretty sure there’s a different reason why this is named the “P2D Forums.”

I am capable of helping >_> with sprites, but I don’t think I would have the time, friggin school -_-

A lot more is getting done than you think.
Remember, you’re not a team member, and therefore can’t see much of the forum.

which means they could be like half done
and we’d never know <____<