Glitches or Bugs

I have created this topic for people that cant be bothered registering in SCU forums, people like me (^_^). So here post your glitches and lets hope that P2D Admins Stumble upon it. First up, a glitch I found.

When you are in the middle of a spin jump, if you press and hold the button to aim diagonally up/down and shoot, your beam would go up/down but Samus’ arm cannon would remain facing forward.

It might be a hard glitch to obtain but it is quite disturbing after you have noticed it for quite a while.

Metroid rocks, been playing it ever since i was a little kid (around 5 years old) im 13 now and have been playing for 8 years(^_^). Good luck P2D people and thanks for bringing Metroid Prime to the 2D Screen. Why not give your idea to nintendo when you are done and sell it on Gameboy Advanced (no need for ds since there wld be no need for touch screen or mic in the game)? I’d buy it straight away.

Here’s a door transition glitch:

If you hold the opposite direction you were moving during a door/room transition, you’ll get stuck in the door. If you morph like this, you can rotate a tiny bit, but you’ll still be stuck.

Check stickies before posting. :confused: :astonished:

Both have been fixed already.