Glitch Demo 2.5

The Scan Screen will not reply. I have pressed every button on the keybord.

Press the shoot button, the key you use for scanning and shooting.

It will not close.

I don’t know, probably just install the newest thing again.

BTW, I don’t know if someone found this yet, but in the demo where you are at the Tallon Overworld, I was on a slope and did a double bomb jump, trying to go up, and I got stuck in the side of a wall. It was in the area leading to the map room.
Also, in the engine that has all of the cheap blue tile things, if you fall too far while in morphball, sometimes you get stuck in place until you go back into biped form.
I don’t know if you did this on purpose or not, but in the blue tile engine, you can run off a ledge and in midair, jump back up as if you have double jump, but you don’t.

Hm… Glitches should be reported in the demo topic, since that’s mostly what it’s for. :wink:

closes topic to reduce confusion