So yeah… I’m going for my first GF, and um… need a little help.
I’ve got her going to a group get-together thing, but don’t know how to… deliver the “I want to go out with you” part. :blush: :blush:
Now… this is a little odd for me, especially as a 17 year old going for a first date… lol.

Welcome to the club <_<…


Usually works out better in a situation where it’s not a group thing, in my experience.

Wow, the Zurg is in the same boat as me. Well, to be honest, not really. I remember when I was in your situation, I got a “just want to be friends, and I like the Hispanic guy in your class though lol we still buds right”?

Ugh, it was all a bit s*** load of f***. >_________>

Just go about and ask this girl casually. Don’t think about it too much like I did, because if it ends bad, you just wasted hours of your life on it.


Except the person I’m interested in may want to, just not right now…

asking on a forum about dating-advice is a bad thing to do >_>

hit her on the head.


Learn to live without. Girls are a waste of rime to nerds like us.

I’d rather not have to rely on my hand and the internet for the rest of my life, thank you. >_>

Anyway, any updates, Zurg?

Post of the day, lol.

I’m just going to say, never even try anything if you think it’s 1 sided.
It happened to me, and I still feel pretty miserable right now. In a lot of cases I’ve seen if a girl likes you, she’ll hit on you as much as you do her. If you ask her to do stuff, and she says no or can’t go, but doesn’t recommend anything else (or ever ask you to do anything after school with her), you may have 1-Sided love Forming, and that’s the worst kind there is.

That’s some words of wisdom dragon.

Indeed. My friend just got out of one of those that lasted a year… not good.
He never even saw that that’s the way it was, either =/
During the year, he spent nearly $3000 on her. (Compared to $1000 on himself, and the $2 she spent on him.)
And… well… as far as “favors” go…

Well, she owed him probably at least fifty “favors,” and that’s where we will leave it.

(Oh, and they hardly ever went on dates… but they hardly ever stayed at home, either. They would say they were going to a movie, or the bowling ally… and then they would find some deserted place where he could keep racking of that favor debt.)

Oh… and a big (albeit late) sign is if you get to the point where you say you love them… and then they say prove it. And they aren’t, y’know, joking around.

1 year? is that all? I’ve been in one that was 3 years. :unamused:

Yeah though, I’ve been in so many one sided things that its not funny. I still haven’t had a GF.

Umm, what?

Pro tip: if your friends are telling you not to, then you should probably think about it a bit. God only knows how many people I’ve told that their girlfriend is a using slutwhore, only to have them resist and then get dumped like 2 years later.

We’re really fricking blind when it comes to relationships, but sometimes your peers can help you see the obvious.
Of course, it’s not like they’re always right, but maybe just think about it…?
Warning sign: if you break up and get back together repeatedly.
It’s not happening.

Of course, this is advice from the friend-of-a-lover PoV. I don’t think my advice as a lover would get you anywhere at all.

That usually works. Unfortunately, when it comes to girls, my friends know absolutely nothing at all.
I’m on my first girlfriend, and… well, I still know a hell of a lot more than them.

Well, that’s just a little sad.

I guess I learn from their mistakes?

Well, I doubt your friends are as bad as mine. Out of all my friends, I’m the only one who was able to actually hold a stable relationship more than 3 months, which is pathetic in itself.

It’s funny that all of you blame the male in the relationship.