So like, who has it? If anyone.
Probably no one, but I wanna know what it’s like, just in case at least one of you does…
Is it at all different from GH2?
Er, wait, the game’s not out yet. Topic locked until tomorrow. <_<
Ok, it’s fathomable that someone on this planet now owns the game. Soo… yeah.

Ghost Hunters 2, echoes, Retro 80’s?

Um, could you specify what you’re talking about? >_<

Guitar Hero 2 Encore: Rocks the 80’s
Or something along those lines, since that isn’t grammatically correct.
GH, though. Come on, EVERYONE should know that acronym.

Wait, what console? Are they still supporting the PS2 or need I get a 360 for moar GH funz? D:

Ability to play real guitar and look up any 80s tabs on the internet I want and not have to pay ridiculous amounts of money for something that can’t do a fraction of what an actual guitar can do

Just saying.

I think that Rock Band will be roughly 1000 times better than the GH games.

And also roughly that much more expensive.

072: I can play guitar too, but the games are just different and fun in their own way IMO… :stuck_out_tongue:

Most of the fun comes from spending hours learning. :>_>:

EDIT: I mean real guitar, that is. Guitar hero is obviously fun, but it’s hardly, contrary to its reputation, the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Actually, that’s exactly what it is. It’s not as though all of the fun of the game comes from its simulation of guitar. That’s just a marketing point. It’d be just as fun if real guitar didn’t exist at all.

And Butch: Rock Band has around a $600 price tag… add that to the fact that it’s PS3-exclusive (I think), and it becomes horribly not worth it. Of course, the PS3 will become cheaper as time goes on, and you only have to buy one instrument, so that means that I MAYBE at SOME point will get the game, but I will never find bandmates online, that’s for sure, since only about 1000 people in the world will be able to afford it, and they’re all going to play drums.

No, I’m saying real guitars make GH very pointless.

I stand by what I said.

So what is it about GH that makes it this generation’s sliced bread?

$200 with two guitars, a microphones and drums. You can buy the game without the instruments if you want. The game will not be PS3 exclusive.


I’ve only played it once, and I’m not suprised that it IS this generations sliced bread.

It’s one of the BEST party games of all time. It’s fun to learn, and really fun to play. It’s the new less nerdy DDR.

Yes, because video games were always designed to fulfill a deep purpose in this universe. It’s FUN, hoddammit.

Butch: that’s changed radically since a few months ago, then, and I love you.

It’s problem is it has SO many limitations, and I don’t understand how people don’t get bored with it quick.

You know, in Mario, you can only run, jump, duck, and such. You can do a lot more than that with a real human life. Why would you play Mario? It has SO many limitations compared to the real thing, why don’t people get bored with it quickly?

GH is not a guitar simulator. It is a game based around fantasy guitarists in a fantasy band doing impossible stunts while playing alongside nonexistant bandmates to create something not necessarily like a real guitar but still fun in its own way.

If it was a guitar simulator, it’d be a piss-poor attempt. But that’s not what it’s made as. That’s not what we play it for.

Playing along nonexistant bandmates is what makes the games fun? You can do that with a real guitar. <_<

Mario can also jump a billion times higher than people though. And shoot fireballs. And turn into a racoon. And stuff.

But Mario games aren’t about pretending to be human, they’re adventure games. Where stuff happens that could never happen in real life.

You also don’t get topics like:

Super Mario Galaxy OMG OMG OMG

with Mario.

And Judy can play guitar while it’s spinning around her neck hands-free, while extremely good bandmates back her up with equal skills and equipment for an experience nothing like most peoples’ actual guitaring (even ignoring Star Power). Because GH games aren’t about pretending to be able to play guitar; they’re music games using a guitar-like controller–featuring stuff that doesn’t happen IRL as well.

And I HAVE seen topics like that. NSMB got a few.

And NSMB sucked.


If you play along to the real song, that’s having extremely good bandmates back you up with equally great equipment…