General P2D question

it seems that destroyer F is doing most of the work around here and he is a lot more forum active. is MH still the developement head or has it shifted since he is never on?

MH is gone, I believe. DF is definitely the head right now, and while I’m not sure if MH ever officially withdrew, it doesn’t look like he plans on coming back.

MH is probably only “The P2D originator” now. I mean, he hasn’t shown his face around the project for over a year, and the only stuff of his we are using now are the samus sprites, and even those may be redone. (Stupid running animation…)

Maybe being leaderless has helped destroy the activity.

in that case, we should vote on a new team leader. i know destroyer f would definately win, and having an actual lead would help get the project more organized…

or maybe a council of leaders or something…

Why bother with a vote if there’s only one real candidate?

well, if we decided to make a comitee, then we would need to decide who would be the best candidate. at any rate, its important to let the fans decide. I know it would be a no-contest but just having a poll would make it seem more democratic.

Does this really need to happen?
p2d is teamwork, mostly done by the old time members. There’s no need for a single leader IMO.

About MH, I don’t think we’ll be seeing his face here ever again…
He still gets credit for his sprites and the original concept, after all, without him, p2d wouldn’t exist.

We need a center of command of some sort… but that’s already obviously you, Daz, and maybe a few other people. Someone does indeed need to hand out butt-kickings to slackers and such, though.

But I’m one of them lately! D:

Sure that’s thanks to college and Spain and stuff but still >_>

And except that it will simply won’t work. MH tries. I tried after him. It just doesn’t work. This project will go, as long as it runs, as a bunch of uncoordinated efforts, and the only way to change that is to change the minds of those who are actually participating in it, and I don’t see that happening any time soon.

the main problem is that the team has almost no motivation to get any work done. while people working on mainstream games get paid, the members here get nothing but the feeling of success, if that ever even comes… we need to create some motivation for them. like special settings and codes to the game for each bracket of the amount work they do

although it would take longer to code and sprite and such, overall it should get the team moving a bit faster with some motivation…

It’s not just lack of motivation; it’s also lack of time. School interferes with things, and summer isn’t quite here yet for most people–and finals are around the corner or just past.

There already is a “council of leaders”/“center of command”. It’s just an assumed one, and that’s all we need.

I think the only motivation we need at the moment is for people to come to the workplace. Seven people watching three people work isn’t doing much for the project. But first, we’ll need to fix the system for joining it. Notice how the lists of what’s done and what’s not done are inside the workplace, but to get inside you have to have something completed or WIP for the project? A copy of the lists without URLs should be in the progress board.

Then we’ll have to see how things go from there, once we have a decent team size again. We’ll probably need some sort of assignment system with rules in order to urge people into finishing their claimed sprites and starting more, kind of like if it was an actual job, only less strict. “A pose a day on all a sheet shall soon make them become complete.” (Yes, I fail at poems.)