Gegojr's Sprites

Welcome to my sprite thread.

Here is an enemy sprite I’m doing:

I know it’s kinda hard to see with a white background so howz about a darker one?

pretty cool
just give it more shading

it definantly needs alot more frames. i like the whole idea of a metroid slug too… its new.


oh and if you’re going for a metroid type creature (like i think you are) you might want to make the squishy shell green.

I was kinda, but I think it would look better as yellow. It’s a different species of metroid, like the Petrasyl, but not as similiar. It’s kinda like a rotten metroid.

looks good, only thing it needs is lots more shading, after that i can say it is just about a piece of art, good work!

oh, and chuck the black outline. as everyone says, “Do Not outline in black!!!”

yeah, it can mess up your sprites when deciding transparency really bad, trust me, i have done it quite a few times.

Aw… ok, I’ll try it… but it looks weird to me without the outline.

you dont take the outline away… umm… ever thought of making the outline a darker color of the color thats inside of it?